24 Round Table: "Day 8: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM"

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Welcome to this week's edition of the 24 Round Table!

From action on a rooftop to action on Vladmir's sofa, there was a lot to dissect during the 9 p.m. hour of the show. We've already posted our weekly episode review, but our staff has now gathered to go even more-depth.

As always, we apprecite all reader feedback...

Should Renee have slept with Vladimir?
M.L. House: Yes. Jack slept with Nina Myers, remember? And she pretty much looked like a man.

LJ Gibbs: Given the amount of time that passed between her accession and his regression, I think "slept" is a gross exaggeration.   Vlad's nickname in Mother Russia was Quick as a Wink. Nonetheless, I think most psychiatrists would agree she did the right thing. It's like getting back on a bicycle.

The Barnacle: I think Vlad is the one who made the wrong decision here. Sleeping with a train wreck like that is a surefire way to contract RenAIDS.

24 RT - depreciated -

Will Josef turns on his father?
M.L. House: Yes. This will be a bigger father/son feud since Jack vs. his dad on Lost.

LJ Gibbs: Yes. Either by putting opiated hash in his samovar, or by dressing up like Adam Lambert.

The Barnacle: At this point, all Josef should turn on is a Russian accent. Did he go to "university" in America, too?

Give Jack's German accent a grade.
M.L. House: I'll give it an A... for Auf Wiedersehen, bad guys! You don't mess with Jack Bauer!

LJ Gibbs: One shriveled umlaut.

The Barnacle: Let's just call it a nein.

Harder to believe: CTU's lax security, or Chloe's fine rear end?
M.L. House: I've been watching this show for eight seasons. I'd be shocked if there actually was strict security at the building. As for Chloe's backside, keeping it in shape is just her way of honoring the late, ever-so-great Michelle Dessler.

LJ Gibbs: Trick question!  The director used a body double - or at least an ass double - for Chloe. As an avid reader of The Sun, I recognized it as Kylie Minogue's bot, circa 1992.

The Barnacle: Chloe's ass, for sure. She sits behind a desk, all day, every day. Her ass should be wider than the plot holes of any given 24 episode!

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