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Once again, this episode was all about Renee. Thankfully, Jack got into some action at the end and saved it from being a total bore.

We start with Renee being taken back Vladmir's hideout. He says he'll only talk to her buyer (Jack, of course) if he can guarantee Vlad $5 million up front. Then, they can discuss the nuclear rod deal. Renee says she'll make that call and Vlad lets her be. Once outside the room, he tells his henchman the real plan: make sure the money is wired into the account and then... kill Renee's buyer!

Renee and Jack talk via her ear piece and he's off to the staging area to meet Cole and company. The plan is to extract Renee as soon as Jack can establish his cover because Jack says she's too unstable. He goes to meet Vlad's men, transfers the money and has a gun pulled on him - but good ol Cole is waiting on a nearby building and snipers to death three men.

Jack, under the guise of a German dude with a really good English accent, forces the one remaining employee to call Vlad and it's arranged: Jack will now be taken to see him. Why is Vlad in more of a giving mood? Aside from the fact that a few of his men were just killed, he also got some: in order to remain undercover, Renee slept with Vlad. Yech!

While the main storyline ended with Jack on his way to see Renee and Vlad and talk about the deal, a couple B plots also moved along:

- Dana found a way to get her annoying ex-flame some cash. She arranged for him and his friend to break into an evidence warehouse and steal $120,000, as she set it up so she could talk them through the heist with automated security down. However, Arlo saw her talking to this guy in his shady van through the CTU security camera.

- Hassan may have lost it. He had his main security guard arrest a delegate from their country because the delegate's cousin is on a list of known traitors back home. We also learn that this security guard is dating Hassan's daughter.

- Finally, the Russian son's plan to save his brother fails miserably. The mean father finds out about and sends a few henchmen to track the pair down. Back at Russian headquarters, the father shoots the sick son in order to end this fiasco and send a message to his oldest, healthy son: don't ever cross me again. This is how the episode concludes.

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