Big Love Review: "The Mighty and Strong"

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We love HBO and Big Love is one of our favorite shows on TV.

But "The Mighty and Strong" had us basically screaming at the set "What?!" and "Why?!" all night long.


Big Love is like a Russian doll. There are so many story lines inside story lines. Before we start to dissect this week's episode, we do have one minor non-related question - where did the original Teeny go? She went to camp and came back an entirely different person. I really hate it when shows do that.

Okay, so back to this week's main points to discuss.

Bill - is he really a megalomaniac or is he just trying to do something for his family's greater good? Obviously, right now it looks like he doesn't care about who he hurts or bullies, but wasn't his intention to run for State Senate so that he and his family could get out of their polygamist closet? Everyone is comparing his actions to Roman's, but I am still not certain if I believe that Bill is that bad.

Barb was full of surprises this week. It almost looks like she is going to have a meltdown. Between running the casino, dealing with Sarah's crazy antics, and trying to be the face of the first wife - I think she is going to pop any second (and by the looks of next week's episode - she definitely might!).

To us, Alby still is the creep he has always been. And to basically sell his mother to his sister's ex-husband? Gross! No matter how soft he looks with Dale, we still see the guy that tried to blow up his father. 

Our final thoughts go out to Margene and Ben. We love Margene, in fact, she is our favorite character on the show. To watch her meltdown on her show was just sad. Clearly you can see why she was so confused about her feelings for Ben. Ben has been there supporting her in a way Bill has neglected. She can't even tell people that she is married.

We hate to admit this, but the scene in the kitchen was hot! Gross because he is her stepson, but hot because you could practically feel the sexual tension between them.

We were surprised that she came out at the end and told Bill the truth. Honesty is always the best policy, but in this circumstance, it probably would have been best to keep quiet. 

It is amazing how the opening scene has really played a part in every episode this season. Each of the main character's are falling apart from each other. Who's fault is it really? Will they be able to make it out in one piece after s**t hits the fan with Bill's decision to run for office? Gosh, this show is so good!

What did you guys think? Until next week, we leave you with a few Big Love quotes -

Tommy: Our souls don't need to be saved and certainly not by you. | permalink

Frank: I wanna splurge for my honeys. Find a Holiday Inn Express. | permalink

Margene: My husband abandoned me... I'm just a single mom with three kids trying to sell shiny things. | permalink

Ben: I just thought it would be best if I left for a while.
Bill: I was just thinking the same thing. | permalink

The Mighty and Strong Review

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