Big Love Review: "Under One Roof"

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Last night, Big Love showed us again why we love this show: Drama, Drama, Drama!

Could you imagine living life in Bill's shoes? I don't think there was a moment of rest for him in any direction.

Let's examine the destructive angles in Bill's life:

  • The Casino. The baby he has worked so hard last season to create. Finally, it is off and running very well - would the expansion of advertising hurt them? Why is Marilyn so adamant on being a part of it? We feel that she is up to no good for the Henrickson's, but it looks like Barb may be the sheep that doesn't see the wolf.
  • Dale is the lead prosecutor in the case regarding Juniper Creek's fund. Bill finds out that Dale is having a homosexual affair with Alby. Bill knows the case has been compromised. Dale has no choice, but to resign.
  • His wives. Well, right now really just Margene and Barb. These two women are branching out in different directions and most definitely away from each other. Margene does not want Bill to out them until the second year term and Barb has taken matters into her own hands when it comes to the casino. We aren't even sure if Bill knows that Barb hired on Marilyn.
As Ana
  • Ana. Ana is back and is pregnant with their first child. She is also engaged to another man and wants nothing but Bill's money. She will allow him to be apart of the child's life, but no one else. How will this play out for him? Especially now with his upcoming election?

We loved that Bill was able to show his family his big dream house. We've always felt that his intentions were pure, but why the sneakiness? What a tangled web Bill weaves.

Bill is clearly not the only guy with his hands full. It seemed like everyone in "Under One Roof" had so much drama to deal with.

We were happy to see Nicki finally stand up for herself and her daughter. JJ is probably one of the creepiest people on this show. How gross was that scene with Nicki's mom and him?

Margene is finding her own voice. We feel like a lot has changed with her and the way she views the life she secretly lives. Certainly, this is just the beginning of a more empowering lifestyle for Margene, but will her family life suffer because of it?

Finally, we have to mention poor Alby. He really is one messed up man! Everything in his life is a sham and the only pure relationship he ever had was with Dale. The tragedy of Dale's life with definitely lead to some crazy vindication. We, for one, know he will be gunning for Bill. With Alby's ridiculous psycho past, one can only imagine what he plans to do!

What a great episode! We gave it 4.5 stars. What did you guys think?! We leave you with a few Big Love quotes:

Barb: (to Bill) Everything is for a greater good - is it really for us or are you trying to fix something that's broken in you? | permalink
Alby: People are trying to turn us against each other. I am not the devil.
Dale: I know you're not. | permalink
Nicki: Sometimes I get so angry at things I can't change. ... The way we grew up. | permalink

Under One Roof Review

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