Lost Round Table: "What Kate Does"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Lost Round Table!

As previously reviewed, we didn't love "What Kate Does," but the episode still raised a number of questions and, at least peripherally, supplied a few answers.

A few of our staff members have gathered below to analyze various developments in-depth. Reader feedback on these topics is encouraged...

Did you miss Fake Locke on this episode?
M.L. House: Yes. I'm all for a focused narrative and have always applauded Lost for its dedication to individual character development. But Kate's backstory has always been my least favorite, it wasn't enjoyable to watch another version of it play out for a majority of the episode.

LJ Gibbs: Locke? Oh, was there an episode of Lost on last night? I thought I was watching Kate & Allie 2: Sans Allie.

Mr. Probst: While watching it never occurred to me that he wasn't in the episode.  Had the ending not been so dynamic, I might have thrown something at the TV for not making the episode worthwhile by having him in it.  Fortunately, the writers threw in that great bombshell of an ending to make me forget all about FLocke.

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What does it mean for Sayid to have been "claimed?"
M.L. House: The guy has to be possessed... by Jacob? (I refuse to let that idea die, dammit!) Claire seems to have more in common with Rousseau than the same hair stylist, so my guess is that someone gets infected when he/she is "claimed" by a deceased individual. Makes perfect sense!

LJ Gibbs: It means he's moving on to the next rose ceremony!

Mr. Probst: The Lost writers placed Sayid on waivers hoping he would clear so they could trade him to House for Dr. Kutner (who House still retains the rights to).  Sayid's time, while dead on the show, is a euphemism for when he was on waivers.  Unfortunately for Lost, NCIS put in a claim on Sayid and Lost had to pull him back from waivers and keep him on the show.  That's why Sayid was reincarnated. 

Funniest Miles line of the night: The reference to the food court or the joy over Hurley as the group's leader?
M.L. House: The sarcastic Hurley dig. Both funny and it made me think: What if Hurley had made every decision instead of Jack? We'd be seeing intense games of jungle golf every week.

LJ Gibbs: Because the food court line was not only funny, but also tied in Hurley indirectly by referencing food, that line wins.

Mr. Probst: Reference to the food court.  It was like a scene out of Survivor when the castaways fantasize about food.  These Losties must be hungry, right?  We never see them eat.  Funniest line of the night by any character was Kate/Jin's angry escort sarcastically asking: "Is this a press conference?"

Will Sawyer ever return to the temple?
M.L. House: No, but I doubt the rest of his cohorts are long for the temple themselves. If they remain there for too many episodes, this will start to grow eerily similar to the cages in season three.

LJ Gibbs: I hope so. Given his weepy dock moment last night, I'm fairly certain he left his balls back there.

Mr. Probst: MIB/smokey will transform into Juliet (much like MIB/smokey has done as FLocke) in order to manipulate Sawyer like it/he did as Alex and Locke with Ben.  He'll/it'll need Sawyer to do something devious for him in the temple and he'll use Juliet's likeness to play on Sawyer's emotions to get him to do his/its bidding.  Everyone's favorite hero in this Greek tragedy will not realize his mistake until it's too late.

Will Jack give Sayid the poison pill?
M.L. House: Can we take a moment to acknowledge the changes in Jack? He admitted that he barely trusts himself and seemed aware that he was in need of redemption. There's hope for this stubborn doctor yet! To answer your question: I don't know.

LJ Gibbs: Because it's Jack, he'll probably focus on boring Infected Sayid to death instead.

Mr. Probst: Despite his uncharacteristic move to force the Asian guy's hand by attempting to swallow the pill himself, Jack is lame and rarely does anything controversial, such poison his friend (who everyone conveniently forgets is miraculously alive to begin with, and treats him like everything with him is normal again).

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