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Without anything from Fake Locke, this episode felt like a bit of a letdown from the two-hour season premiere. But we still received juciy tidbits and were left with one shocking, confusing return by the end of the hour.

Let's start the recap by going over events from Kate's sideways, 2004 world...

After forcing Claire to get out of the taxi, she takes it over to a body shop with a friendly owner. He removes her handcuffs and allows her to change in the bathroom. Upon pulling Claire's bag out of the cab, though, she sees that it contains a lot of baby stuff. Shoot! Kate, who has her own parental issues (assuming this is still the case in this world) arranges to meet up with Claire to return the items.

When she does, she learns that Claire is on her way to meet a couple that wants to adopt her baby. Kate gives her a ride. They arrives at this couple's house, but a crying wife says her husband just left her and she can't raise a child alone. At this disturbing news, Claire starts to get contractions. Kate drives her to the hospital. She runs down a doctor to help - and IT'S ETHAN!. Of course, he just goes by "Dr. Goodspeed" (which is Horace's last name) here and he seems happy to check Claire out.

He tells her the baby is coming, but because it's a few weeks early, he can give her drugs to delay the birth. Weird. Claire accepts and the doctor calmly tells her everything is fine. At one point, she refers to the child as "Aaron" and later tells Kate she has no idea where that came from.

After everything calms down and everyone is out of the room, Claire gives Kate her credit card, the two wish each other luck and part ways.

Meanwhile, on the island...

Sawyer makes his escape after grabbing a gun from these new Others. They seem quite disturbed by this, insisting he HAS to remain at the temple. Kate volunteers to bring him back and Jin goes with her, as do a pair of Others. But Kate ditches them along the way because she has no intention of going back to the temple. When she finds Sawyer, he's at the house he shared with Juliet and says he was gonna propose to her.

He blames himself for Juliet's death and Kate is heartbroken to see how much he actually loved her.

Jin is on his way back to the temple after learning that Kate just plans on remaining a jungle fugitive, when he runs into the two Others she had knocked up. One of them mentions Rousseau and how she's been dead for years. He also seems to be aware of Sun's Ajira flight. But before Jin can learn more, he steps in a tramp. The Others peer down with him and point their guns - only to be shot dead... by Claire! The episode ends with viewers seeing her on the island for the first time in years, looking very Rousseau-ish.

Back at the temple, the Asian dude in charge (Dogen) pulled Sayid into a room in order to seemingly torture him. He electrocuted him and used a hot poker on his stomach. When it was over, Sayid asked what that was for and Lennon said it was a "test" that Sayid passed. But he then turned to Dogen after Sayid left and Dogen confirmed that, no, Sayid did NOT pass.

Upon hearing what happened, Jack stormed into Dogen's office. He demanded answers, but Dogen just said he had to give Sayid a pill or else an "infection" would spread. Jack left, refused to do so and then came back and asked what was in the pill. Dogen eventually told him: poison.

For what reason? Because without Sayid taking it, the infection would spread and, once it got to Sayid's heart, the darkness would totally take him over. How does Dogen know this? Because it happened to Jack's sister, he said. Eek!!!

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