Major Alby Developments to Come on Big Love

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Life is about to change for Alby Grant.

That's the message Big Love producer Will Scheffer gave TV Guide Magazine in an interview this week. What ever does he mean? These excerpts may clue fans in...

On Under One Roof: I would say this is a series-defining episode for Alby. Fate is going to conspire to reshape Alby’s character in ways I can’t divulge. Dale rocks Alby’s world!

On Dale: I don’t think Dale realizes the depth of Alby’s mental illness. Internally for Alby, he’s in love for the first time ever, so this emotional thawing is happening. I personally find it very sad, as well as sweet. It’s an adolescent idea of domesticity.

On Dale’s wife and two sons: We meet Mary, a very typical, very likable Mormon housewife. Just the kind of woman you’d expect someone as good as Dale to be involved with. And we’ll meet one of his sons who is about 6 years old.

On Laura: Her suspicions regarding Alby’s frequent absences are beginning to eat away at her. She has definitely noticed that he has mixed business going on.

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As usual, TV Fanatic will recap and review this episode soon after it concludes. We hope you come back Monday morning to chime in with your thoughts on it.

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