American Idol Exit Interview: Michelle Delamor

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Following a rendition of Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open," Michelle Delamor was booted off American Idol this week.

It was the one elimination we thought the public got wrong. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the singer talked about her experience on the show. Excerpts are below...

Was she surprised? I thought I was going to go further in the competition and I thought I had a lot more to offer that what I showed on Wednesday night’s performance. I was hoping I’d go further because I knew I had so much more to give. I didn’t feel like I fully ever got to show America or the rest of the world what I had to offer. I thought the journey would go a little longer, but it’s all good.

What other song would she have chosen, given the chance? I would’ve done “Come Together” by The Beatles, Michael Jackson-style. I love that song. It has so much intensity. My idol covered it. I love the way Michael Jackson did it.

What was the highlight of the experience? Working with Dorian [Holley] was the ultimate high. At dress rehearsals, the coaches are right next to you, helping you every step of the way. Dorian used to do that with Michael Jackson and just to see that he was standing right next to me helping me, it was like “Wow! Oh my God!"

So Long, Michelle Delamor

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