Brothers & Sisters Review: "Leap of Faith"

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Last night's Brothers & Sisters saw a number of the Walkers try to move on and make life decisions great and small, even if they weren't sure where they would lead.

Leaps of faith, one might call them, for Rebecca, Kevin and especially Sarah. Follow this link for a full recap of "Leap of Faith," then read TV Fanatic's review below ...

THE OJAI MYSTERY: We start with the slow-moving, sort of out-of-place saga of Ojai Foods and what shady Dennis York knows about the Walker family business.

Nora and Saul discuss why Dennis wanted Holly's shares of Ojai. They decide to get to the bottom of it. Holly and Nora meet at Ojai to comb through William's files.

Nora says William once screwed over Dennis, landing Dennis in jail. Holly finds that Dennis started a new company when he thought she was selling him her shares.

That company is named after land William bought years before, Narrow Lake. When Nora finds out, she remembers William used to sing a song about Narrow Lake.

She doesn't know where it is, though, and seemed more afraid of Dennis' next move(s). Another week and very little resolution. Anyone else losing patience here?

Just-in Time

DANCE AWAY THE PAIN: Rebecca tells Justin she's going to have dinner with her dad. He asks if she wants to talk about the miscarriage, but she's trying to avoid it.

Justin worries Rebecca isn't expressing her grief over losing their baby, and then finds out she and David never had dinner the night before. She lied to him, basically.

Rebecca has been going to dance class, something she hadn't done since she was a teenager. She tells him she doesn't want to just talk about her feelings and mope.

She just wanted to get up and do something. Take a leap of faith. Be proactive. It's hard to argue with that, but when Justin visits her at the studio, she breaks down.

She admits she thought that throwing herself back into dance would help and it didn't. Justin tells her healing takes time and she has to believe things will get better.

A leap of faith of a different kind, on other words.

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO: The pressure of her campaign and campaign manager, Buffy, is unnerving Kitty. Kevin tells her that Robert has also become clingy.

Both want to ditch them professionally!

At a press event at a local gun club, it's clear that Kitty and Buffy are not getting along. After the event, Kitty fires her ... but Buffy makes it clear she won't accept it.

When Kevin tells Robert he wants to move on, rather than continue or accept another position with him, Robert is hurt and basically pushes Kevin into stepping down.

Packing her things, Buffy tells Kevin that Robert is only acting that way because they love each other. Aww, a good old fashioned bromance. Brother-in-law-mance?

Buffy loves Kitty and their friendship is more important than the campaign. Robert comes to the same realization about Kevin and asks him to come back to the office.

To surprise him with a party in his honor. Robert wishes him the best with his next move, wherever it might take him. Where do you foresee Kevin landing next?

Lucky Luc

GREEN CARD WEDDING: Luc and Sarah waste little time picking up where they left off (naked), but when she learns Luc's visa expires in only four weeks ... yikes.

Then Luc mentions that his art dealer, Ginny, has agreed to marry him. Sarah gets jealous but says that no matter what, she won't marry Luc now, even for a visa.

Sarah meets with Ginny and Luc and the art dealer is into it, even if it entails they live together. Ginny's live-in boyfriend is okay with it, too. No, not awkward at all.

With that in mind, Sarah agrees. But then she learns Ginny is leaving the next day for Mexico, so they would have to get married that day to avoid Luc's via expiring.

Kitty thinks Sarah should marry Luc and she decides, albeit in haste, to follow her heart and take the ultimate leap of faith with him. But can she find him in time?

Not if Kitty tries to carry in her fake gun plaque into the courhouse. LOL. Sarah eventually does catch them just in time to stop the wedding. It's a fairy tale, right?

Well, Sarah and Luc decide not to get married in that moment. With just four weeks to go, are they setting us up for a possible season finale cliffhanger, perhaps?

How do you feel about Sarah and Luc? Will they get married? Will Rebecca and Justin grow stronger? Are you intrigued or bored by the slowly unraveling Ojai plot?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Leap of Faith Review

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