Human Target Review: "Salvage & Reclamation"

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This week again did not fail to impress, with all its action packed scenes.  On Salvage and Reclamation, Christopher Chance is hired to help an archeologist escape the crutches of a rebel army and pursuit of an evil bounty hunter.

The episode begins with Chance breaking into the well guarded rebel camp, speaking fluent Spanish, and fighting numerous guards to free a man named Doug. 

Doug is special, because he knows the whereabouts of approximately 40 million in gold.

Salvage & Reclamation Scene

But Chance and a former flame are not the only ones in pursuit of Doug.  Chance has to protect Doug from a rebel army and shrewd bounty hunter.

One might ask… how will Chance be able to fight off such evils? 

Not to worry, this week Chance has some of Indiana Jones’ moves at his disposal.  He was able to save the day, kiss the girl, protect the loot, without one misstep and looking incredibly hot all the while!

One’s only complaint might be that this show is really only about action.  It takes you on a ride, but that is it.  There is no real substance or storyline.  It has become too predictable!

Maybe let Chance not only kiss the pretty girl… but also pair up with one more on a permanent basis.  Christopher Chance needs a more noteworthy partner, more then what Winston and Guerrero have been able to offer him. 

We hope that the writers are able to add the secret ingredient this show is missing, making it actually a good show to watch!

If not, we predict next week’s episode will be similar to this week’s… again all about action! Chance will be hired again to save someone, which he will do incredibly well...  while getting into thrilling fights and something might even blow up! 

And predictability can lead to boredom.

We leave you with a few of our favorite Human Target quotes:

Doug: I'm a bit new to this, is this rescue going well?
Chance: I guess so... not as well as others. | permalink

Maria: You brought them here?
Chance: It's not like I invited them. | permalink

Maria: I told you not to do that.
Chance: I know. I heard.
Maria: I have a gun.
Chance: It's 2010, everybody's got guns. | permalink

Chance: So, what happened to the plane we came in on? This looks like a flying vending machine.
Winston: I'm glad you're OK. | permalink

Salvage & Reclamation Review

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Human Target Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Chance: So, what happened to the plane we came in on? This looks like a flying vending machine.
Winston: I'm glad you're OK.

Doug: Nicely done.
Chance: Shut up Doug.