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Camp Lacayo, South America

Christopher Chance arrives and helps an archeologist, Doug, escape from a South American rebel camp.  Chance was hired by his ex-lover, Maria. 

Doug admits to finding Salvador's missing plane, containing 40 million dollars in gold bullions. 

There is also a bounty hunter out for the loot.  His name is Bertram, and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on the prize.

Chance takes Doug to see Maria, to help them locate a hidden airfield needed for their escape.  Maria also has ulterior motives.  She wants to get a hold of the gold for herself.  They ultimately team up, working together to help keep it away from Bertram.

Winston and Guerrero hitch a ride on a decrepit plane, to meet Chance. 

Bertram arrives at Maria's bar.  Chance and Doug come up with a plan and narrowly escape with Maria, but not before destroying Maria's bar in a shoot out.

The airfield in Antigua is Chance's only way out.  Maria agrees to help for five million of the treasure.

On the way to the airfield, they are apprehended by the bounty hunter and rebel army.

Chance makes a deal and leads them to a phony location of the missing plane, which turns out to be an abandoned mine field.  The three somehow miraculously escape with their lives. 

The rebel army arrives and seizes the airfield. 

Chance admits to leaving because he had feelings for Maria.  They kiss passionately. 

Chance rigs up a contraption that allows them to be pulled up by Winston's plane, using an anchor and a net.  Chance and Doug get away.

Chance leaves a map to the gold with Maria, letting her know she can have the five million he promised her, and not a penny more. 

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Chance: So, what happened to the plane we came in on? This looks like a flying vending machine.
Winston: I'm glad you're OK.

Doug: Nicely done.
Chance: Shut up Doug.