Matt Frewer Cast as Pestilence on Supernatural

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Another member of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is coming to Supernatural.

Matt Frewer — best known for his recent key role on Eureka - has been cast as Pestilence, the figure that created and spread disease.

He's the third of the Four Horsemen to appear on season five. Supernatural fans have already met War (Titus Welliver) and Famine (James Otis). Death, meanwhile, has only appeared off-screen in one episode.

Matt Frewer

Talking to TV Guide about Frewer character, producer Sera Gamble said:

"Our first brush with him in Episode 520 seems relatively innocuous and then unfolds into something more substantial. Put it to you this way: Horsemen on our show tend to think several moves ahead."

Supernatural returns with a new episode on March 25.

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