Melrose Place Music from "Mulholland"

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Amanda's scheming. David's return to robberies. Lauren's pact with the devil. Drew's hotness. Jonah and Ella's doggy date. Whatever the story line of "Mulholland," Melrose Place picks the right song to accompany it.

Gone for a Dip

As part of our weekly Melrose Place music feature, we've put together the most complete list of songs from the episode, including lyrics and iTunes previews where available.

So what are you waiting for?  Go download your favorite tunes from last with the following links:

  • Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster (Deluxe Version) - Alejandro
  • Three 6 Mafia - "Shake My" Three 6 Mafia - Shake My (feat. Kalenna) - Single - Shake My
  • Sleepy Will - "Quite Like You" Sleepy Will - The Legacy - Quite Like You
  • VV Brown - "Love"
  • The XX - "VCR" The XX - XX (Bonus Track Version) - VCR
  • Miike Snow - "In Search Of" Miike Snow - Miike Snow - In Search Of
  • Annie - "All Night"

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Melrose Place Quotes

I've never seen a dead body before.


David: I have a life right now that doesn't include you.
Sydney: So, why are you here?