Parenthood Review: "The Deep End Of The Pool"

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Life sometimes gets so complicated, and nothing comes easy for the Braverman clan. 

This week on The Deep End of the Pool, Max gets kicked out of school and Julia is having a hard time connecting with her daughter.  Can life get any more difficult?

Poor Max, can’t stand the hearing the bubbles of a fish tank in his classroom, decides to rid this disturbance by knocking over the tank.  Now his parents must scramble to find a better school for their challenged son.  Thankfully, Max is accepted into the best school in the area, one that is better equipped to handle his disability.

Adam and Kristina are very fortunate to be able to afford Max’s new school, one that is able to deal specifically with Asperger’s syndrome.  There are a lot of parents out there that cannot afford such a privilege, and their autistic son/daughter must attend a public school.  Some kids are then lost in the shuffle.  

Braverman Men

Sarah can’t make up her mind about Jim.  In the beginning of the episode, she breaks up with him and at the end visits him at his house late at night.  Is this just a booty call, or is she developing feeling for the pathetic guy? 

Julia not only has to deal with not winning the parent of the year award, but has to see a beautiful Racquel prance around practically naked in front of her husband Joel.  We see Joel and Racquel’s friendship being a problem in the near future.

We really hope Joel is one of those rare men that find it wrong to sleep with someone that is not his wife! 

Not like his father in law Zeek, who admits to having relationship problems with his wife.  We don’t know… can it have something to do with the condoms found in his desk? 

Jabbar and Crosby spent an entire day together, with only a few minor hiccups.  We hope these two are able to bond, especially for Jabbar.  All boys need a male figure, especially their father, in their life. 

Parenthood is one very serious family drama, with a bit of comic relief sprinkled in for our enjoyment.  We really look forward to next week and seeing what’s in store for the Braverman crew!

Here are a few of our favorite Parenthood quotes:

Crosby: Do you want something to drink, whiskey or beer? | permalink

Adam: You know what Crosby, however hard you think it's having a kid, just double it. | permalink

Crosby: What makes all of this worth it?
Adam: What makes it worth it is the connection, the bond you feel, their yours. You know, you're part of them. | permalink

The Deep End Of The Pool Review

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Adam: There are some days when you just blow it, and that is what happened today. I blew it and I'm really, really sorry.
Haddie: It's OK.

Adam: I am very, very proud of you, in so many ways.
Haddie: (tears up)