Bones Episode Stills from "The Predator in the Pool"

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When it was first announced that Rena Sofer would guest star on Bones, as a love interest for Booth, fans were NOT pleased.

Since then, of course, Brennan has broken the heart of our favorite FBI agent, so it's possible viewers are now rooting for Booth to move on - and her could certainly do a lot worse than Sofer, who debuts this week as marine biologist Dr. Catherine Bryar.

She's called in to help with the case of a body found inside a shark.

Most recently, Sofer guest-starred on NCIS, playing another woman that gets close to the show's main lead. Hey, it's a living!

Talking, Flirting

Diedrich Bader also appears on the 4/22/10 episode, "The Predator in the Pool." He reprises his role as FBI Agent Andrew Hacker and is seen in one of the photos below:

Diedrich Bader on Bones
In Wetsuits
Predator in the Pool Scene
Major Flirting

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