Desperate Housewives Creator Asks: Who is the Wisteria Lane Strangler?

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On April 18, Desperate Housewives returns with an episode titled "We All Deserve to Die." Quite ominous, no?

For good reason, says creator Marc Cherry. He tells TV Guide Magazine that viewers will discover the identity of the Fairview Strangler on that date, as another familiar face falls victim to this individual.

“I thought we could have some fun if the audience knew who the killer was before the rest of the people on Wisteria Lane,” Cherry said, adding that the killer will be revealed on the show's May finale.

So, who is it? One of the six suspects listed below...

Orson Hodge
Rationale: “All the women who have been attacked thus far have been redheads, and another girl with red hair will soon go missing,” said Cherry, teasing this could be the result of Orson’s subliminal anger toward Bree.

Roy Bender
Rationale: “He is still an incredibly vital man with an eye for the ladies,” Cherry said of the 81 year-old.

Wisteria Lane Men

Katherine Mayfair
Rationale: This self-hating redhead is off the show, but teases Cherry: “We may have shot something before she left.”

Eddie Orlofsky
Rationale: Simply put, Cherry says: “Eddie may have resentment against pretty girls who turn him down.”

Dave Williams
Rationale: Cherry confirms one of the suspects is a regular from last season: “I might want to wrap up some unfinished business with a character who we didn’t kill, but has plenty of resentment against people on the Lane.”

A Heretofore Unseen Individual
Rationale: Such as? Cherry suggests a few options, including someone Katherine befriended at her mental institution: “It would be a total surprise to the audience, but would make sense once that person was revealed.”

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