Parenthood Review: "Perchance to Dream"

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As the weeks pass by, we learn more and more about the Braverman family.  This week on "Perchance to Dream", Kristina returns to work leaving Adam the responsibility of the kids; Sarah tires to inspire her daughter into attending college; and Jasmine and Crosby spend the night together.  

First we have to say, we knew there was a little romance brewing between Jasmine and Crosby.  Loved that these two parents actually got to go out on a date to get reacquainted with each other.  We were a bit surprised that the date ended up with them in bed, but what’s the worst that can happen?  I guess these two haven’t learned from their past, or maybe they are just destined to be together.  Please remember you two; there is a little boy that is also affected by your choices!

Drew and Max

We really hope nothing happens in the future that might ruin Jabbar’s happy reunion with his father.  What if Jasmine changes her mind and decides to end things with Crosby?  How would these two be able to remain friends after their second affair?  We hope it doesn’t come to any broken hearts, because the one who would suffer the most would be Jabbar!

Adam is left to take care of the kids while Kristina goes back to work for the weekend.  He flips out when his young teenage daughter buys a sexy bra, apparently to impress her boyfriend.  Adam then storms in on her making out with Steve and flips out.  While we know how embarrassing it might have been for Haddie, we have to side with Adam on this one.  What parent wants to know their young child is beginning to experiment sexually?  All things considered, we think Adam handled things quite civilly.  Not all fathers would have been so cool!  

Sarah goes on a trip to help inspire her daughter to pick a college to apply to.  On the way they meet up with her ex Jim, who reads many poems out loud about Sarah’s vagina.  How funny and embarrassing would it be to listen to a man recite poetry about your mother’s privates!  We were practically rolling on the floor!!!

Overall, this episode had us laughing out loud and thoroughly entertained.  We just love the Braverman crew and look forward to next week’s adventure!

Here are a few of our favorite Parenthood quotes from the hour:
Sarah: It's about flowers right?
Amber: I think it might be about your vag. | permalink
Kristina: You know what the problem is for mothers?
Sarah: Daughters.
Kristina: Daughters.
Julia: Amen. | permalink
Kristina: I hope it fits me; this left boob is a little bigger than the right. | permalink
Amber: Poetry reading? Yeah, I'd rather sell an organ, but thanks for inviting me.
Sarah: You know what, if you don't change that attitude it may come to that, because I don't think you need both livers anyway. | permalink

Perchance to Dream Review

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Drew, listen to me. You are a Braverman, OK. Its genetic, you have the moves you know what I'm talking about. You have it in you.


Sarah: It's about flowers right?
Amber: I think it might be about your vag.