Survivor Round Table: "Expectations"

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Welcome to another edition of the Survivor Rould Table!

A week ago, Russell looked like the man to beat, but after being played like a fiddle by Sandra on this week's episode, it is clearly anyone's game.  Our Round Table writers discuss Sandra's bold move and who they think will be in the finals.

As always, reader answers and thoughts are encouraged.

Was JT's play to find the immunity idol too risky?

Kakdaddy: No, a little risk is always involved in any big moves.  It would have been huge if he could have quickly found it and hid it for himself.  Then the tribe could have looked with no success and at least for a while he could have controlled it.  Eventually it would probably come out, but it gives him more options.  Its completely naive to think that a tribe can control the idol with no merge in sight.  Its possible that they could lose at least once and then its going to be chaos.

Lady Gaga: No because Candace is the only one who questions JT. The others are pretty dumb, see Amanda's useless expression/response when Candace asked her about JT, just look at Rupert and Colby is checked out and living on borrowed time. JT can get away with a lot in the Heroes tribe.

Survivor RT

Mr. Probst: Definitely.  Go back and watch the seventh episode - it was JT's idea not to look for the idol!  How sketchy does he look now that he was the one to go find the idol.  Even though JT has Rupert and Colby wrapped around his finger, I think Candice and Amanda will be less trustworthy of him going forward.  It'll take a while, but it will come back to bite him.

Coach predicts that the Villains will not win another challenge.  Is he right?

Kakdaddy: No, I don't think its possible to blank them.  There is a lot of luck and other intangible qualities to some of the challenges in this game.  Eventually there will be something like the bowling that isn't purely physical that the Villains could take.  There are usually plenty of those types of challenges - last season there was that "pull out the ropes and pray to God that the balls don't drop challenge" - in those its anyone's game.  I don't see them winning much though because they suck.  Coach isn't making a bad prediction or anything.

Lady Gaga: Yes. Even more so now that Coach is gone. I hope there is no merge and the Villains are allowed to just run themselves into the ground. Jerri looks like she is going to drop dead any day now. If this scenario plays out, Sandra will be the last one standing because she'll have convinced Russell he was talking about himself behind his back and should vote himself out.

Mr. Probst: Certainly not without the Dragon Slayer.  Loved his attempt to be casual and brush off Jeff's comment about how he was the only one who won a point in a challenge this week.  The man simply can not handle himself in the face of compliment.

Has Sandra discovered the crack in Russell's armor by playing to his fear of people talking behind his back?

Kakdaddy: Absolutely because Russell has crossed into James territory - he's crazy.  He bit off Danielle's head for suggesting a logical and intelligent move.  He wouldn't even listen.  The man has gone off the deep end.  He's still very smart and a definite threat as he was last season, but there wasn't a crazy sense to some of his moves then.  I really think he lost his mind after he didn't win.

Lady Gaga: Obviously. Russell's game is all ego base. He's RUSSELL HANTZ, come on.

Mr. Probst: I think she's discovered another, actually.  His confrontation with Danielle this week was more damaging than he realizes. His main weakness right now is that he assumes he can easily manipulate Danielle and Parvati.  The two of them won't put up with his crap forever and will use a Sandra-like move to get him thinking someone else is going home while it will actually be him.

How dumb are the Heroes for thinking there's an all-woman's alliance?

Kakaddy: Dumb, but you can at least see how someone might jump to that conclusion.  Tyson and Rob going back to back were fairly idiotic moves when Sandra and Courtney are still alive.

The Alleged All-Female Alliance

Lady Gaga: As a viewer who is seeing both tribes, they are quite dumb. However, in the game and with limited knowledge watching the last several votes be for Tyson and BR, I could see why they think that. The Heroes don't really know Russell either so they can't possibly understand the ego battles that are going on.

Mr. Probst: I don't care if the Heroes do not know all of what's happened at the Villains camp or Russell at all.  When was the last time an single-sex alliance existed and/or worked.  Especially one of all-women.  Even if there was one, why would Tyson go before Boston Rob or either of them before Russell or Coach?  Their rationale doesn't make sense and, not surprisingly, it comes from the thick-headed Rupert.

At this point in the game, predict the final three.

Kakdaddy: Impossible.  I won't get a single one of these right.  I'll go with Russell only because he always escapes impossible odds and Colby and JT due to the dominance of the Heroes tribe.

Lady Gaga: JT, Amanda and Parvati (because God hates me and wants me to suffer by seeing her for as long as possible).

Mr. Probst: Parvati, Danielle and Sandra.  The male personalities are way too dominant to stick around and they'll cannibalize each other, just like Russell and Boston Rob did two weeks ago.

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