Survivor Round Table: "I'm Not A Good Villain"

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A heart wrenching episode of Survivor saw everyone's favorite Massachusetts resident, Boston Rob, sent home.  While it's clear from our review that the better man, Russell, won the epic showdown, how are our Round Table writers handling life ABR: After Boston Rob?

Readers answers and thoughts are encouraged!  Let us know what you think.

Did Jerri make the right move going with Russell?

Kakdaddy: I think from a pure competitive edge yes.  Russell, Parvati and Danielle are better than Rob, Courtney and Sandra (only because Sandra is pretty good at mental challenges and terrible at anything else, and Courtney is completely worthless).  I think in the long run she made a big mistake.  Rob could have kept the tribe somewhat united. 

If Russell went home the "bad influence" would be gone and Rob would exert his influence on the rest to keep strong.  I don't see things going well for the Villains from here on out.  Things are only going well for Russell, not his tribe.  Jerri also went a long way in alienating her only alliance in Coach.  That was VERY poorly played on her part.

Lady Gaga: No, I think she could have gone farther with BR. She'll be gone after Courtney and Sandra. AND she ruined her relationship with Coach, she "hurt" him and the dragon slayer won't be able to move past it.

Survivor RT

Mr. Probst: Yes, assuming Coach is in on the alliance.  If so, they're got five members and someone will have to be the tie breaker.  I see that breaking down to Russell against Parvati and Danielle.  Jerii and Coach can work with Russell to eliminate the fembots and then it's the two of them against him.  I like their odds as a toned-down version of Boston Rob and Ambuh in Survivor: All-Stars.

Describe your emotions at the end of a reality television era, Boston Rob's ouster.

Kakdaddy: Disappointed, but I loved his brush off of Coach.  It signals a change in the game which might make things more interesting going into a possible merge.  Its never fun to see one tribe go wire to wire.  Close votes are the best.  Who knows, but I'm always sad when one of the best sources of entertainment gets voted off.  Rob is the best.

Lady Gaga: Very sad. I've never liked BR in the past, but this season was different. I was impressed by his ability to lead the team in challenges, solve puzzles and really understand what people want and use that to his advantage. He is the best survivor contestant I've ever seen. His one mistake was not taking a more aggressive strategy in regards to Jerri and securing her vote.

Mr. Probst: Shocked, stunned, disappointed, and sad.  If you think about where Rob was just two episodes ago and now he's gone?  Hard to imagine.  Incredible how this game was drastically changed by one boneheaded move by Tyson.  If he just sticks to the plan, Russell and Parvati are gone now and Rob is the odds-on favorite to win this season.

Can anyone defeat Russell now?

Kakdaddy: His sad-ass tribe can.  If they keep losing (assuming there is a twist and no merge), or if there is a merge, everyone that hates him is jumping on the heroes alliance and he might not have 2 idols to save his butt this time.  Sandra and Courtney are so gone if there is a merge.  Russell needs to get rid of them or he's vulnerable.  Still, its getting to the point where you simply can't bet against him unless you want to lose money.

Random question: how cool would it be if they just had the two tribes go until one eliminates the other and then the "merge" was allowing the remaining tribe to fight for individual immunity?

Lady Gaga: Russell will run the show on the Villains beach but every time they get to a challenge they are dead. Tyson and BR carried that team. It's all over for Russell and his band of dumbass girls.

Mr. Probst: Despite my earlier prediction that Coach and Jerri would go with Russell into the final three, I still don't think so.  Their only chance is if the finale is a final two and he'll still out last both of them on the final immunity challenge anyway.  Russell's biggest threat is JT.  He's got an army of Heroes in front of him and the ability to win challenges to stay alive.

JT Walks in the Forest

Did Coach honor his commitment to Russell and Rob by voting for Courtney, or just cop-out of it?

Kakdaddy: Total cop-out.  The only thing he could have done is hung Jerri out to dry by telling Rob that she flipped and he can't control her anymore (which was true).  Kind of a "there is nothing I can do to save you".  Of course Rob would have asked him to vote for the tie and give him a shot, but it would have at least made him look a little better.  Still, a tool is a tool and Coach is sporting nightstick.

Lady Gaga: Coach is a bumbling idiot and dishonored himself, his unit and the corp by copping out and voting for Courtney.

Mr. Probst: This infuriated me.  SO lame.  Complete cop-out.  Pick a side, buddy.  Although I like Coach, I hope this comes back to haunt him somehow.  Perhaps Russell sees this vote as the sign of an emotionally unstable and thus unreliable alliance member and he feels like he has to get rid of him.  It'd certainly be karma coming back to get Coach, as he likes to talk about.

Does Rob's ouster help the Heroes or hurt them?

Kakdaddy: Absolutely helps them.  Rob was a major competitor and the reason that the Villain tribe had been doing so well.  Still it would have been interesting to go into the merge with the Villain tribe so dead-set against each other.  It would have been fun to see whether Rob or Russell gets into the Heroes camp.

Lady Gaga: Definitely helps the heroes. Newly juiced up Colby and JT will lead the tribe to victory despite having to drag Rupert around for the ride. In an early round table, I predicted the winner will emerge from the heroes tribe. True!

Russell, Courtney And Sandra Share Coconut

Mr. Probst: With the Villains essentially unified behind Russell (at least vs. completely fractured between Rob and Russell), I think they'll be focused on voting out the Heroes.  It seems more likely that Coach strings Courtney and/or Sandra along with promises of a unified Villains against the Heroes than the two of them flip to the Heroes out of fear of Russell.  Even if that's a fear they should have.

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