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Back at camp after one of the craziest tribal councils in history, Boston Rob is confused by how there were four votes for Parvati and only two for Russell which ultimately resulted in Tyson’s removal.  As Boston Rob tries to decode the previous night’s mystery, the triumphant alliance of Russell, Parvati and Danielle set their sights on increasing their alliance by targeting Jerri and then Coach.

This week’s reward challenge pits the two tribes against each other in what amounts to a game of water basketball.  While wading through thigh deep water, the tribes are split into groups of three to try and throw the one game ball into their net.  It is a challenge that largely relies on the strength of the castaways to fend off their opponents and the Heroes win easily despite trailing in overall numbers, five to eight.

Expecting a huge lunch banquet by a picturesque waterfall, the Heroes’ reward is partially ruined when Candice discovers a clue to another hidden immunity idol.  Initially, the tribe decides to ignore the clue and focus on lunch, but curiosity quickly gets the best of them and they have to read the clue.  In an attempt to unify the tribe, JT decrees that if they look for the idol, they’ll do it together and try to use it against the Villains rather than each other.

Meanwhile, back at the Villains camp, Russell is playing the game hard, trying to sway Jerri over to his side.  A day after the dramatic tribal council, however, Jerri says her mind is clear and that she needs to work with Russell.  Also in this conversation is Coach, who is less certain that Russell is the way to go.  After Russell leaves, Coach expresses his disappointment with Jerri for not speaking with him first before allying with Russell

For the immunity challenge the tribes are split into relay runners and puzzle solvers.  For the relay, the castaways have to run across a net, climb a rope wall and retrieve the puzzle pieces.  Once all six bags have been collected the solvers can begin the puzzle.  On her second go around, Courtney takes a long time, giving the Heroes a lead that Boston Rob and Sandra can not make up while completing the puzzle.  Finally beaten on a puzzle, Boston Rob and the Villains head to tribal council.

Throughout the day prior to tribal council, Boston Rob and Russell each make pleas to both Jerri and Coach to vote with their alliances and vote the other off.  While Coach struggles with breaking his word to one of the two power players in the tribe, Jerri tries to figure out which route is the best way for her to win the game.  Ultimately Coach goes the non-committal route by voting for Courtney, but Jerri votes with Russell, Parvati and Danielle and Boston Rob is eliminated.

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Survivor Season 20 Episode 7 Quotes

[Russell] a bandied leg little troll


I've played Survivor three times now and for the first time in all of those times, I was shocked last night.

Boston Rob