Treme Review: "Right Place, Wrong Time"

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The characters in Treme were brought together this week... despite each of their lives being more torn apart than ever.

On "Right Place, Wrong Time," multiple individuals got arrested, only to be bailed out by Toni, which led to one of our favorite scenes on the show so far, along with one of the sadder ones.

First, the uplifting: watching Davis teach the piano to Creighton's daughter. Not only did viewers get to see the true joy that music brings Davis, we also got to see Creighton get inspired by the sight of someone teaching - and someone else learning.

On the flip side, it was heartbreaking to watch Antoine get arrested and then wonder about the whereabouts of his trombone.

It says something impressive about Treme and its writers that we can be sympathetic to the plight of this musician so soon after we saw him cheating on his baby mama. It also says something impressive about the performance of Wendall Pierce.

Albert Photo

Pierce's The Wire co-star, Clarke Peters, is equally strong as Albert Lambreaux, but this character has probably been fleshed out the least so far. We get it: he's intent on putting his Mardi Gras band back together, and is also a bit of a loose canon.

But the show has just given us numerous scenes depicting Albert's house-building and music-building efforts. It hasn't taken him anywhere and, unlike most other individuals at this point, he hasn't interacted with other major players on Treme.

Even just in passing, it's intriguing to watch how music can bond the residents of the area. Case in point: the scene between Antoine and Annie, immediately before the former got busted.

Other notes and observations from a solid episode:

  • Ladonna is married? Didn't see that coming.
  • According to Davis: "Cosmically speaking, the more cocks that get sucked in the world, the better for humanity." Good to know.
  • I'm a little confused about Janette's restaurant: she's massively in debt... but business is booming? I understand how much a rebuild can cost, but have we actually been told yet what issues are draining her bank account?
  • Incredibly, those Katrina Tours actually exist.

What did you think of the episode?

Right Place, Wrong Time Review

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