V Review: "Heretic's Fork"

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For all of you naysayers out there that don't enjoy the remake of this classic mini series - watch last night's episode!

"Heretic's Fork" had everything in it that we love so much about V! We've listed a few reasons why you should definitely be tuning into this awesomely fun sci-fi show!

  • Anna was as creepy as ever - especially when she let out the soldier (reminded us of Clash of the Titans - release the kraken!) and her thousands of soldier eggs surrounding her. Also, how eerie was she with Lisa? We know that Anna knows something is up with her daughter! Our only hope is that Joshua does not get in trouble!
V in Trouble
  • Ryan and Valerie escape getting caught by the Visitors - barely. The entire episode revolved around them and the cat and mouse game they were playing with Anna. The suspense was killing us, but we loved every second of it! Their relationship and pregnancy was something we expected, yet we did not expect Valerie to break up with him. Would you give your alien baby daddy another chance? Would you forgive him for lying about who he is for over ten years? One thing is for certain - we can't wait to see what happens here!
  • The heretic's fork itself - upon coming into this episode we had no idea what that was (it is a torture device used to keep prisoners awake and cause them deliriousness without being able to sleep). After Kyle brought it out to use on Jeffrey we knew that this guy is into the fight against the Visitors more than anyone else! The ending scene between Kyle and Jeffrey only briefly shows us a glimpse into the magnitude of the war that is pending!
  • We weren't sure (and perhaps maybe still aren't sure) if Lisa really was turning into a good Visitor, but the scene where she tells Tyler to say and not join the live aboard program must mean she cares! Or it could be a trap, but something about the way she looked when Anna told her that Tyler is dispensable must mean that she is becoming a good guy! What do you think - is Lisa bad or good?!
  • Chad being a double crosser! Who knew he would be working for Anna!? We hope Jack doesn't fall for this dudes treachery!

This show has everything great to offer - with a twist of science fiction that we love! We really believe that if you aren't a fan yet - set your DVRs to record and give it a shot! For the rest of us V lovers out there - let us know what your favorite part of last night's episode was! We would love to hear from you!

Follow the jump to read a couple of our favorite V quotes! Also - don't forget to rate this week's episode!

Kyle: First you are going to tell me everything about the V's then, you are going to beg me to kill you. | permalink
Erica: Jeffery, tell me where the Thompson's live - either tell me now, or you are going to tell him.
Kyle: Time for all decent people to leave the room now. | permalink
Kyle: Human decency is a privilege father, he's lost his. And when we prove that he is lying, you are going to lose yours too. | permalink
Ryan: I need you to get into the car - okay? The visitors know about us now and will be looking for us.
Valerie: Why?
Ryan: They want our baby. | permalink
Anna: I'm sorry. No one should be alone in this world. | permalink

Heretic's Fork Review

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V Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Ryan: We have to go.
Valerie: Where are we going to go?
Ryan: Somewhere where the V's won't find us.

Ryan: I need you to get into the car - okay? The visitors know about us now and will be looking for us.
Valerie: Why?
Ryan: They want our baby.