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Sara Sidle: So what was her interest in the Dr Jekyll Case?
Greg Sanders: And... did he have an interest in her?

This week’s episode was part one of the two-part season finale. There are several things I really liked about "Doctor Who."

First and foremost, it used several unique transitions between scenes. Two stand out in mind: First, the camera follows a drop of blood as it hits an object and that object turns out to be a windshield with the drop of blood becoming the red light in a stop light at which Ray Langston is sitting.

Second, Nick holds up a picture of a warehouse in the desert and as he asks “is this the place,” the camera zooms in to fill the frame and it becomes a live image of them searching the warehouse. My compliments to the Jeffrey G. Hunt (the director of the episode) and his crew, very nicely done!

At Home with Langston

I have to say that, unlike most two-part episodes, this one did a good job of having a really nice story contained in the one hour - but still having that hook at the end that leaves you wondering what is going to happen next week. I think the installment flowed well and did a great job of giving us another glimpse into Ray Langston’s past.

His discussion with Nick about his concern that he got more than his love of blues music from his dad made me take a moment and wonder what habits I might have from my father. Further, Nick reminding him that it’s not what we get from our fathers but how we choose to deal with that determines the kind of person we are is a great message for all of us.

Normally I don’t discuss the information shown in the preview, but given this was a two-part episode and next week is the last episode for season 10, I am making an exception.

The preview at the end of the episode seems to hint that one of the CSI team may be leaving for good. It teases: “One of the CSI will pay with their life." I will say right now if Wendy or Hodges get bumped off before their romance blooms, I will join Grissom in the jungle! 

So, what did you think? Will a character die? Or is this just typical over exaggeration of a promo to get us to tune in next week?

Comment below and tell us your thoughts on the episode and who you think the show could do without.

Doctor Who Review

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