Survivor Round Table: "Sinking Ship"

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After a surprise double tribal council episode last night which saw both Candice and Danielle were sent home, our Survivor Round Table writers eager to convene and discuss the ramifications of the Villains alliance breaking down.

Has Russell regained control of the game or will his bullying of the female castaways come back to haunt him?  Where do Colby and Rupert, suddenly in a position of influence, go from here?  Who are we rooting for to win?

As always, reader responses are encouraged!

Russell Hantz thinks he's back in control of the game.  Do you agree?

Kakdaddy: I thought he was losing it.  The only thing keeping him safe was his immunity challenge victory.  I just figured that Jerri wouldn't buy into his insanity, but then something magical happened at the tribal council where Danielle announced how strong her loyalty was to Parvati and that seemed to be the final push that brought Jerri over.  If Russell can keep the remaining two Heroes with him he has a solid shot of keeping his momentum.  Jerri will once again be that important swing vote.  Keep in mind though that Sandra has that idol and she is solidly in Parvati's camp after this.

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: He did control Jerri, however he is not giving Parvati nearly enough credit. She is going to be furious with him after he voted Danielle out of the tribe. I think Sandra and Parvati will find a way to get rid of him. He has to win individual immunity to continue to control Jerri, Colby and Rupert.

Mr. Probst: After the display he put on last night, how could you not?  Even when all logic dictates that he should not be in control last night, he still manages to abuse one castaway to convince another to vote her off.  Incredible!  It may not seem like things are working in Russell's favor, but he's a master manipulator and always in control.

What should Colby and Rupert's strategy be next week?

Kakdadddy: They have the best "numbers" shot of getting with Russell for a final three.  If they go with the girls and vote out Russell they will be at a 3/2 disadvantage and likely in a less secure position.  Russell can't be trusted, but after what he did with Parvati he's made his bed and the only option for him is the Heroes.  I think that's what they should do.

Lady Gaga: Align with Parvati and Sandra to eliminate Russell.  Simple as that.

Mr. Probst: Work with Russell and whatever pawns he has under his wing.  If Rupert and/or Colby go up against Russell in the final, they'll never lose.  There's no one more appealing to take to the end than Russell for the two remaining Heroes. 

Will Russell's attempt to bully his female allies come back to haunt him?

Kakdaddy: He will survive only if he can get the Heroes on his side and flush out Sandra's idol.  Realistically I think the girls are going to surprise Russell by playing the idol and voting out one of the three remaining guys crushing his chances at betrayal.  If he doesn't win immunity next week I think Sandra will finally get her revenge.

Lady Gaga: With out question.  I don't think anyone on the jury will vote for him.

Mr. Probst: It certainly will for Danielle who will now never vote for him if he makes the final, but Jerri has to be petrified of the man now and that's a good thing for Russell.  Everything that he says is going to happen comes true.  You can't cross Russell Hantz!

Is Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Colby the most pathetic castaway ever?

Kakdaddy: Absolutely not.  There have been countless worthless and pathetic castaways on this show.  Colby might not be the dominating presence that he was ten years ago, but he's still alive and kicking and he has outlasted just about everyone.  He's also survived multiple attempts to get him voted out.  I'd say he's done an admirable job.  Obviously he has been a disappointment in challenges, but you can't call him the most pathetic ever.  That's a little harsh.

Colby Runs Through The Water

Lady Gaga: It's been very disappointing how nonchalant Colby has been this entire game. He just does not seem engaged in any aspect and goes back and forth between wanted to get voted off to wow, I'm still in the game I guess that's cool, attitude.

Mr. Probst: Considering that this edition is essentially an all-star performance, Colby performance makes him the most pathetic ever.  He's been absolutely pathetic in the challenges, doesn't seem to get involved in game play at all and worst of all, doesn't care.  The thing that got him most angry was Candice jumping off the Heroes sinking ship last week.  Really?  It's a freaking game, Colby, don't be mad at Candice because she's playing it and you're not.

Who are you rooting for to win?

Kakdaddy: Surprisingly I'd like to see Sandra outlast her entire alliance and make it to the end.  I really want her to put out Russell and then his question in the final.  I'd also like to see Rupert.  For some reason he has finally started to play the game when it matters most.  He was the only one who disagreed with JT and has been the only Hero really fighting since the merge.  I also wouldn't be disappointed if Parvati won a second time.  She has played a very good game.

Lady Gaga: Sandra. She is hilarious and capable of taking down Russell. I can see her and Parvati making it to the end.

Mr. Probst: Parvati is like the Derek Jeter of Survivor.  You want to root against her, but you just can't because she's so good at what she does.  I really respect her complete and total focus to playing the game.  Burned both of her idols to save her alliance.  Voted out her friend, Amanda, because it was the smart move.  Stayed in against Rupert to win an immunity challenge when her alliance members bowed out.  Kept her composure when Danielle broke down under Russell's pressure.

Also, rooting for Parvati will drive Lady Gaga nuts.

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