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Returning from tribal council after Candice betrayed the former Heroes, Rupert and Colby are furious with their ex-alliance member.  Sensing that his back is against the wall, Rupert goes on the offensive with Russell, trying to expose him as a liar and back-stabber who will do anything to get ahead.  Russell fuels the fire by not seeming the least bit remorseful about how’s he’s played the game.  

At the first challenge, the castaways are surprised to learn that they’ll be participating in an immunity challenge, not a reward challenge, and heading to tribal council that night.  The castaways had to keep their arm held above their head while standing on a small platform.  If they or their arm falls, they’re out of the challenge.  The twist added to this challenge is that Jeff will offer up food for players to drop out of the challenge.  Within the first thirty minutes, all of the castaways except Parvati and Rupert have dropped out to accept Jeff Probst’s bribes.  Eventually, Rupert slips and falls out as Parvati wins immunity.  

Another rub to the challenge comes when Jeff reads a clue to the entire tribe at the conclusion of the challenge.  When the tribe returns to camp, the scrambling to find the immunity idol begins immediately with players scrambling in all direction.  Sandra is able to find the idol first and is able to do so without being detected.  Struggling to find the idol and knowing that his neck is on the line, Russell decides to put a large rock in his pocket to fake having the idol.

Russell and the former Villains alliance buys Russell’s ruse and decides that the way to flush out the idol is to split the votes.  Russell initially suggests splitting the votes between Rupert and Colby, but Jerri and the other girls do not like Candice and want her gone.  Rupert and Jerri suspect the possibility of splitting votes and decide to secretly vote with the Villains alliance for Candice.  Their plan works and instead of the votes being tied 3-3, Candice is voted out 3-3.

Back at camp after the vote, Russell is angry at his alliance for not being smart about their move and himself for not demanding the split be between Rupert and Colby as they initially planned.  Russell recognizes that he’s not in complete control of his alliance and Parvati has equal sway over his allies.

The survivors are sent to their second straight immunity challenge and second of the episode.  The challenge is a series of puzzled based games which reduces the competitors from seven to five to three to one.  In the first game, the castaways have to dig up a handle they need to guide through a table maze.  Rupert, Sandra, Russell, Parvati and Danielle advance.  In the second game, players have four pegs to help them scale a steep incline.  Rupert, Russell and Parvati advance.  In the final game, they have to arrange a sliding puzzle and Russell edges out Rupert to win immunity.

With immunity around his neck and a healthy concern for Parvati and Danielle’s strong bond, Russell sets out to break up the pair by saying each is talking behind the other’s back.  The plan seems to backfire when the two talk to each other and expose Russell’s scheming, but Russell has already convinced Colby and Rupert to vote with him.  The girls (Parvati, Danielle, Sandra and Jerri) are confident their four votes will oust Rupert, but Danielle breaks down in tribal council when confronted by Russell.  Jerri switches her vote and Danielle is sent home. 

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