V Season Finale Review: "Red Sky"

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Last night marked the season finale of V - and we are so happy to say that this show is coming back next season!

Whew! What a close call that we weren't too sure how it would pan out! Fortunately for us V lovers, we can now anticipate the return of this amazing science fiction show!

First off, we feel that the writers ended the season with "Red Sky" the way that they did in order to give us some sense of completion.

A Baby Makes Three?

Maybe that is why Val gave birth to her half human/half alien baby and then Anna came in and killed her.

This allowed Ryan to be brought back under her wing - right? Or once Ryan got a look at his baby - would he see Val's face and still be a part of the fifth column?

Also, having Joshua risk his life to save the human race was definitely something we weren't expecting - considering he is a main character and central part of the fifth column. That is probably why he really wasn't killed off. But, now that he is alive, won't Anna just torture him until she gets all the information that she wants? How do you think this will pan out for Joshua? Will Lisa somehow rescue Joshua and bring him into safe keeping?

Speaking of Lisa, we were very excited to see that she picked the fifth column over her mother. Really, it came down to her choice if the human race would survive. Thankfully, her attachment to Tyler is as strong as it is. We can't wait to see what is in store for her next season!

Looking Happy

One part that had us a bit confused was Jack's letter. We thought that he said it wasn't meant for anyone. Why did Chad bring it to Joshua?

We loved how Jack took a stand against his parish to speak the truth to his parishioners and even brought in parts of the Bible with Revelations and false prophets. Almost all his parishioners left, but the ones that stayed - will they join the resistance?

We liked the mysterious red sky ending with Anna having felt her first human emotion. Will this mean she will strike vengeance against the entire human race? Is this just the beginning of a massive war? One thing is for certain, we can't wait to see what happens next season!

What did you think of the season finale? Leave your comments below!

Until next season, we leave you with a few of our favorite V quotes from the season finale after the jump!

Anna: What's happening to me?
Marcus: I believe you are feeling your first human emotion. | permalink
Jack: Let V no longer stand for visitor - let V stand for victory. | permalink
Jack: There is a war upon us. A war upon our souls. | permalink
Jack: People are worshiping them instead of God. | permalink
Kyle: And it's a clutch - not a handbag. | permalink
Joshua: You know she has a plan for Tyler - the humans. It's time for you to decide what side you're really on. | permalink

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V Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You know she has a plan for Tyler - the humans. It's time for you to decide what side you're really on.


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