Nurse Jackie Review: Blow Jackie!

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Of all the ways I thought Nurse Jackie might conclude this season, I never considered it would happen via the following two words:

Blow me.

For awhile, I actually entertained the notion that Jackie might kill Eddie, clearly forgetting that this Showtime hit is a slow-building character study centering around an incredible actress and the individual Edie Falco has created.

On "Years of Service," we watched as Jackie saw her world crumble down around her. On any other series, the confrontation with her husband and her best friend would have led to some sort of realization about the path down which she was headed.

But Jackie saw that path, considered the way out of it and didn't respond with such an answer in the final scene. She was simply amused, scoffing at the notion of recovery and change.

The Discovery

But where will the show go from here?

Will Jackie exit the bathroom an feign acceptable to Kevin and O'Hara? That's my best guess. The alternative is to essentially abandon her family and the love for her daughters is often the only thing that keeps Jackie going. I can't foresee her choosing pills over her family.

As astute liar, she'll play the role of aspiring addict well... at least in the beginning. From there, I'd imagine the challenge will be to maintain her habit with everyone around her aware it exists.

Among other questions the finale left us with:
  • Will we see Mr. Martin again? That storyline seemed random to throw in, and would be even more random to simply drop. If Jackie is forced to repay the drugs she stole, her family's finances will really be in trouble.
  • Does it get any cuter than Zoey and Lenny?!?
  • If Jackie does attempt to evolve next year, let's hope the same won't be said for Coop. He appears to be seeing the error in his ways/personality - but he's just so funny the way he is. I'd hate to ever see this doctor become too self-aware.
  • Were you surprised at how understanding Eddie was about Jackie ending their fling?

That's it for season two of Nurse Jackie. What did you think of it as a whole?

Years of Service Review

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