The Bachelorette Review: Ali Tugs at Our Heartstrings

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After an uneventful premiere, the second episode of The Bachelorette's sixth season stepped things up a bit - even if much of the drama was strictly between the guys.

Most of the time, The Bachelorette differs from The Bachelor in this way.

Dudes being dudes, there's a lot more hanging out and camaraderie than cliques and bickering. It's both better and worse than its sister (brother?) series in that sense.

Emotions and testosterone levels are on the rise, sure, but guys are usually more chill and less prone to name-calling, passive-aggressive moves and full-on cat fights.

Not last night!

Weatherman Jonathan, a decent-seeming fellow who's a bit whiny but genuinely nice, incurred the wrath of Craig M., who is not a very nice individual. To put it kindly.

Tug of War

Ali Fedotowsky tugs at our heartstrings. And some rope.

So mean is Craig M. that Jonathan felt inclined to tell Ali how crazy and dangerous he is. This wasn't just a shrewd move to make Craig M. look bad, he was genuinely worried.

For good reason. Craig M. nearly started a fight with Jesse, too, and when the meathead was sent home at the end of the night, we were almost relieved for everyone involved.

As for her dates, Ali went on some great ones with Frank and with Jesse, both of whom received roses. It was nice to see her have some actual one-on-one time with the guys.

The group date was fun, as well, featuring tug of war on the beach, Ali in a bikini and the guys stripping down to speedos for a charity calendar. It was The Bachelorette to a T.

Despite her propensity for laughing way too much, including at her own jokes, Ali endeared herself to us last night as well. She was the fun, fearless female she's been billed as.

We feel more invested in her quest for love (or whatever The Bachelorette is) now. Click here for a more thorough Bachelorette recap, then follow the jump to see who got roses:

In the end, though, these dudes got the roses:
  1. Frank
  2. Jesse
  3. Ty
  4. Kasey
  5. Hunter
  6. Roberto
  7. Chris L.
  8. Justin
  9. Steve
  10. Kirk
  11. John C.
  12. Craig R.
  13. Chris N.
  14. Jonathan.

These fellas did not ...

  1. Tyler V.
  2. Craig M.
  3. Chris H.

What did you think of The Bachelorette last night?

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