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This week's Eureka episode, "The Story of O2," had so many good parts to it; I am at a loss for where to start. I think I will start by congratulating Collin Ferguson on his directorial debut, as he did a great job directing this episode!

It was great to see Zoe again. I was worried with her off to Harvard we would not see here at all anymore. I am glad that she will be making some appearances here and there.

It is amazing how much both the actress (Jordan Hinson) and Zoe has grown in the last three seasons of this show. I absolutely love it when a show allows a character to grow and mature instead of either ignoring that they are getting older or worse, replacing them with a younger actor/actress to keep the character young.

Jamie Kennedy on Eureka

While last week I was sad that Tess and Carter broke up, this week I was pleasantly surprised to see Jo and Zane making some tiny steps forward. It started with Jo trusting Zane and letting him go, believing he was a good person down deep, which he proved by not bailing and hanging around. The icing on the cake was when Zane calling her “Jojo” as he always did in the previous reality. I really hope they are able to find their way back to romance. I am sure there will be twist and turns, but it was nice to see a glimmer of possibility. 

Who saw Allison cheating? That was a total shocker to me. I honestly thought Larry was cheating (which he did by removing the self-destruct module, I’m just saying). It felt like that was totally out of character for her. I get that she is trying to connect to her son now that he is not autistic in this reality, but I really didn’t see cheating to help him win being on the menu. However, there was a great message in there when Kevin said he would rather lose than win by cheating. One thing none of them have asked about is that so much is different what about Nathan? Is he still dead? I can understand that he could be, but I am surprised his name has not even come up.

As child of the 80s I watched a lot of sci-fi growing up - Buck Rogers, V, Battlestar Galactica - and I have to say the homage to all of those shows tonight was awesome. If you didn’t catch it, after it is determined the rockets returning is going to be bad, they showed the rockets with the earth at the top of the screen with this dramatic 80s music two or three times. That scene is right out of so many 80s Sci-Fi shows I dare not even try to count. This was my personal icing on the cake for this episode.

I did also very much enjoyed the way they explained a different actor playing Deputy Andy. It fit totally within the show and given that he is a robotic officer, it makes sense that he could look different after being horribly damaged. Especially when he comments on how he looks different. Way to make the elephant in the room dance for peanuts!

This episode had so many good things with it, I would have given it my first 5.0 rating ever had it not been for one thing; Jamie Kennedy guest staring as scientist. If you are a Jamie Kennedy fan, please know I am not digging at him personally or his comedic style. However, it was the worst casting of a character I have ever seen on this show. There is nothing about him that says “scientist”; especially when they either allowed him to write his dialog or had him contribute to it. The “urban” lingo just does not fit into Eureka. I might have been ok with him as a scientist if his dialog had not been *so* bad.

So what did you think of the episode? Are you looking forward to the cross-over next week with Claudia from Warehouse 13 making a visit? Sound off below, tell us what you think.

Here are a few Eureka quotes from the episode, as well:

Carter: You wanted aggression.
Zoe: (nods)
Carter: I think you're gonna get an "A".
Zoe: Think? | permalink
Zoe: I shouldn't have yelled.
Carter: No you shouldn't ... ah ... water ... bridge ... got it. | permalink
Deputy Andy: Huh, I seem to be conflagrating, weird. | permalink
Jo: Andy, can you go out to the launch site and check for crows, they may be acting drunk.
Deputy Andy: Drunk crows, I'm on it! | permalink
Deputy Andy: I am really enjoying the higher cheekbones. | permalink

The Story of O2 Review

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Jo: Andy, can you go out to the launch site and check for crows, they may be acting drunk.

Deputy Andy: Drunk crows, I'm on it!

I am really enjoying the higher cheekbones.

Deputy Andy