Hung Review: "Tuscon Is the Gateway to Dick"

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After what seemed like a promising first episode of season two, Hung now feels like its running circles after "Tucson is the Gateway to Dick."  There are so many situations in this series that just keep coming up time and time again, and at points it feels like it has run its course.

Let's start with Tanya and Lenore fighting for power within Happiness Consultants.  Even before they became part of a three-person team, these two were bickering about the right way to do things.

This week, the pair were courting an older woman named Francis.  Lenore referred to Tanya as her intern while trying to provide a romantic getaway to Tucson for Francis.  Tanya, on the other hand, blurted out that she could provide "pure sexual pleasure.... guilt free."  And of course screaming and fighting broke out between the two of them afterward.

I thought the idea of the last episode was that Tanya was going to be getting better at this occupation.  Did she learn nothing from the male pimp other than to cook Ray hamburgers and bring him beer?  If she continues to not really know how to deal with clients, this story is going to continue to run in circles.

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Speaking of not getting any better, Ray once again showed how bad he is at being a prostitute.  Instead of simply pleasuring the pregnant Claire, like he learned how to do last episode, he now wants to give her relationship advice. 

Sure, maybe there is a shortage of upscale male whores in the Detroit area, but you gotta figure he's getting bad reviews around town.  There's only so many times he can butcher an appointment before Happiness Consultants goes out of business.

And then there's the lovely Jessica.  Of the three story lines, hers is the least tiresome for me.  She seems to be growing a bit as the weeks go by.  She always seems to be having trouble dealing with her kids, but at least she's putting in the effort to make it work.

Take this week, for example.  Yeah, she might have a ridiculous time understanding what her daughter is going through, but at least she's trying to be there for her.  Darby's trip to the fat women movement was probably a surprise to Jessica, but she attempted to support her the only way she knew how.

A few more notes from "Tucson is the Gateway to Dick."
  • While I am upset that Grandma, the kids and Ronnie have screwed up Ray and Jessica's date night, I'm glad that it seems it might lead to the ridiculous encounter that will be Ray meeting up with Jessica as a client.  If Jess continues to be with Ronnie, and have troubles with her kids, she's going to give in to her needs at some point.
  • Tanya just continues to irk me every step of the way.  Sure, Lenore is a mean and terrible human being, but that's entertaining at least.  I can't stand watching Tanya be so awkward every second she's on screen.
  • We again got to laugh at the uncomfortably at Thomas Jane playing a baseball coach.  It just seems so off that I'm surprised they haven't fired him yet.

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Tuscon Is the Gateway to Dick Review

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