Marc Cherry Previews New Desperate Housewives Characters, Season

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Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Williams are both coming on board Desperate Housewives.

Series creator Marc Cherry spoke on both these additions this week at a panel in front of The Televisions Critics Association and confirmed that Green's character would get involved with Bree.

“We wanted Bree to be involved with a hunky blue collar contractor and take her out of her refined and educated world - someone who’s a bit younger and someone who would be challenging to Bree," he said.

Look for the actor's tattoos to be on full display, Cherry added, a conscious decision because: “I based the character of Bree on my mother, and my mother is appalled by tattoos. I love the idea of Bree being attracted to someone who has body art.’”

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Of course, Bree won't be the only Wisteria Lane resident with her eyes on the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star.

Referring to her new character of Renee Perry - who arrives on the scene as a former friend of Lynette's - the actress teased:

“I hear there might be some competition between Bree and Renee going after him."

Desperate Housewives returns for season seven on September 26. Williams concluded with this spoiler regarding Perry:

"She’s coming into Lynette’s life because she’s having issues in her marriage and that’s how she ends up on Wisteria Lane. She’s looking to start a new phase of her life. She has a lot of money and she has a lot of privileges.”

This is just a wild guess, but we're also assuming: a lot of secrets.

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