Rookie Blue Review: "Fite Nite"

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Rookie Blue is a police show that doesn't offer viewers anything remotely original.

It's chock full of cliches, all of which were on display on "Fite Nite." The main character has an alcoholic father; there was a case involving domestic abuse in which the wife took back her husband; a work relationship is complicated by the blurring of personal and professional lives.

But its lack of creative storylines is not my biggest problem with the show.

Instead, I simply find it boring. For a series centered around police, the cases aren't especially suspenseful or dramatic. It never feels like anyone is in serious danger or a lot is at stake.

Boxing for Charity

Because Rookie Blue is clearly a version of Grey's Anatomy, the focus is meant to be on the characters instead of the weekly investigations. With that aspect in mind, we did learn a lot this week:

  • Andy has major father issues;
  • Traci has a kid;
  • Dov has asthma;
  • Gail has fears about her family connections and how she's perceived.

Of all these revelations, whose secret is the biggest threat to his/her career? That's the sort of question that could keep us intrigued as the series plays out this summer.

What did you think of the episode? Do you wish the action would pick up? Or is the burgeoning, drawn out, back-and-forth relationship between Andy and Swarek enough to keep you tuned in every week?

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Fite Nite Review

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