Royal Pains Review: "Comfort's Overrated"

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Last night episode of Royal Pains brought in the laughs for a couple of reasons. Of course, Evan was as awkward as ever - watching him try on a multitude of clothes brought a flashback reminiscent of Pretty Woman.

Blindfolded Evan

But, the comedic highlight had to be watching Ian Gomez as Mac hit on basically anything in a skirt (luckily all the women we watched him hit on were pretty hot!). Anyone who doesn't know the amazing humor that is Ian - needs to check him out as the wonderfully sweet and sometimes brilliant neighbor on Cougar Town.

Mac's strange behavior was due to a car accident when he hit his head. Luckily for Mac, Hank was around to figure out the problem and get him the help that he needed. For me personally, I really liked the womanizer Mac was. He had me laughing out loud a bunch of times!

One interesting aspect of "Comfort is Overrated" had to be when Divya lost her ring and didn't even notice it until Evan pointed it out. I, for one, believe that these two will get together. What about the way her spiritual adviser said her love was flowing through another man?!  She is definitely not going anywhere since she's a main character, so this has to mean it's Evan! There's way too much intensity between these two.

Treating a Patient

I really dislike Emily Peck. I don't like the way she treats her patients and I especially don't like that there's a bit of flirtatious energy surrounding her and Hank. Seriously! Hank and Jill belong together! Since the beginning of the season these two have doted around what they are to each other. Yes, they did make-out once for a brief second, but since then? Nada. 

Now that Hank agreed to run Jill's clinic, hopefully we will see the romantic sparks fly between them again! One thing is for certain, Jill better watch her man! Emily looks like she will stop at nothing to be Hank's flava of the week.

All in all this week Royal Pains really brought it for me. It left me wanting more and although there really wasn't any mention of Boris (again), it showed us that life could go on without him (although, I do hope that Hank saves him!).

What did you think of this week's episode? Was Hank's MacGyver moves a bit much? Follow the jump to read a couple of our favorite Royal Pains quotes and let us know your thoughts!

Hank: Comfort's overrated. | permalink
Hank: Either I make you nervous or you have a neurological disorder. | permalink
Mac: Hey Donna you look beautiful. You look beautiful too. | permalink
Evan: You don't want Lebron. You want the guy that signs Lebron's checks. | permalink
Divya: It's personal.
Evan: With you personal means trouble so..
Divya: No, personal means personal. | permalink
Mac: Hey Donna - she's hot! | permalink
Evan: That's not your color at all. It's horrible on you. | permalink

Comfort's Overrated Review

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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

That's not your color at all. It's horrible on you.


Hey Donna - she's hot!