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The Mac shop man is in a bind when he falls into a pool. Hank dives in and saves him - much to the dismay of his wife.

His wife, Donna tells them that she is leaving him because of his recent out of control flirtatious ways. At first, Divya suspects that Donna is poisoning Mac, but Hank puts together that Mac is suffering from something else. Donna tells them that Mac got into a car accident and hit his head a while back, but never went to the doctors.

After an MRI scan, it is clear that this is the reason for Mac’s strange behavior. After he has surgery, everything is back to normal between him and his wife.

One of Hank’s patients, Graham, was mixing two chemicals together and made an explosive compound.  Hank realizes that there may be something wrong with his vision.

Evan meets with Paige who buys him for the day to make her parents leave her alone. Graham finds the pictures of Evan and Paige and he calls him over. While Evan explains the situation to Graham, Graham’s vision starts to go. Hank gets there and is able to do an emergency procedure that saves his eye.     

Emily gets mad at Hank for stealing her patient Graham and hints of him taking her out to dinner in front of Jill.  At dinner, Hank realizes that Emily may have feelings for him. They play a game of flirtatious pool.

Hank buys Evan a Toyota Sienna. Paige shows up and requests Evan for another ruse - her parents are coming to meet him. She tells him that Graham left her because he said that he couldn’t be with someone who had to lie to be with him.  Evan doesn’t really agree, but doesn’t so no either.

The episode ends with Jill offering Hank to run her clinic. He isn’t sure if he should mix business with his personal life, but he agrees to anyway.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

That's not your color at all. It's horrible on you.


Hey Donna - she's hot!