Royal Pains Review: "In Vino Veritas"

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Last night - by far - was my favorite episode of the season. Not only was I sitting on the edge of my seat when Oliver fell into the tank, but how awesome was it to see some type of relationship start to form between Eddie and Hank?

But before we get to that, did you know that "In Vino Veritas" in Latin means "in wine there is the truth"? It was a great title for this episode because Hank really had to face the truth about his feelings for his father.

It really was a big awe moment when Hank yelled out to Eddie:

Hank: Dad, I need you! | permalink

Call me a sucker, but with all the flashbacks of that one day almost had me in tears. Eddie may not have been the world's greatest dad, but you can clearly see just how much Hank means to him.

Evan and Dad

Off topic, who did they get to play the young Eddie? Whoever that guy is could be an identical twin of a young Henry Winkler. For a second there I thought I would see him say ayyy! and give the camera two thumbs up.

Another telling part from last night's episode was Evan's feelings for Divya are pretty clear. Did anyone else notice Divya's reaction when he called her hot? I think that it proves the feelings may be mutual. Something has to happen here between these two before she leaves for London. And maybe a better question would be - do you really think she will leave? How will Evan stop her?

The chemistry between Hank and Jill is still pretty hot and heavy. It's pretty clear that they both still have feelings for each other, but what exactly is keeping them apart - especially now that Charlie is out of the picture?  I knew that there was no way Jill could be pregnant. But, it was a fun direction to even just think about. If Jill was pregnant with Hank's child, it would completely change everything between them. So, do you think Evan will tell Hank about the mix up?

Boris was not seen and never even mentioned this week. That must mean something BIG will be coming up in this side storyline. Do you think Hank will be able to find a cure for his rare disease before it's too late?

All in all this episode definitely was a winner in my book. What did you think of it? Leave your thoughts and opinions below! We love hearing from you!

Follow the jump to read a couple of our favorite Royal Pains quotes from this week's episode.

Eddie: That's my boy. | permalink
Hank: Of all the 17 year olds I know, you're the one I trust. | permalink
Tucker: (regarding wine) You need to chill that first.
Evan: Don't worry - I'll just put some ice cubes in it. | permalink
Hank: You know what they say Superman - with great power comes great responsibility.
Evan: That was Spiderman. | permalink
Divya: I have to move to London.
Evan: Of course you do and when we replace you with another sexy Indian PA it won't be the same.
Divya: I appreciate that. | permalink
Tucker: Double fisting wine bottles?
Oliver: Oh C'Mon stop being such a b*tch. | permalink
Eddie: We were fighting the system. | permalink

In Vino Veritas Review

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