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A young man named Tucker dropped his girlfriend off for summer camp. His friend Oliver crashes his john deer into a fence because he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Hank meets up with the boys to run some tests. He is unable to figure out what is wrong with Oliver.

Evan meets with his father for lunch.  He realizes that Eddie wants to use him to get to Hank.

Divya runs into Jill at the hospital and Jill tells her about the cravings she has been having. This leads the ladies to the local drug store to buy a pregnancy test.  Evan sees this and jumps to the conclusion that Divya is pregnant.

At the summer party Evan watches Divya like a hawk and believes that she is really pregnant. Later he confronts her and realizes that she was just buying the test for Jill - who is also not pregnant.

 Hank is able to put together that Oliver has Addison’s disease. They go looking for Oliver and find him in a toxic tank. Tucker jumps in to save his friend and also passes out.

Eddie comes to the rescue and help Hank save the two boys. This is their first bonding experience since Hank was a child.

Later that day, Divya and Evan hash out their humorous situation. It is very clear that neither of them want to go anywhere - but, Divya tells Evan she has to leave.

Hank tells Evan that the memories they had as a child weren’t all that bad and the picture in the fame of the three of them was actually a really great day.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Tucker and I made a pact to stay off of that crap.


I can't do this middleman act with you guys.