The Hills Series Finale Review: Fake!

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You know the adage, all good things must come to an end.

In other news, The Hills aired its final episode last night.

On the much-anticipated finale, the crew made a series drastic moves that were mostly contrived - at least in the case of marquee "couple" Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner.

Lo's boyfriend asked her to move in with him, and she agreed. Audrina decided to move out of Hollywood. Stephanie had another date with Josh, the guy she met last week.

That's where the realism ended, unfortunately.

Our celebrity gossip site has a more in-depth review of The Hills series finale, but the basic gist was this: Bored with L.A., and spurned by Brody, Kristin is moving to Europe.

The Hills Season Six Cast

The Hills cast bid us farewell last night. Except Speidi. They were MIA.

She insisted her decision had nothing to do with Brody rejecting her and dating a new girl (Avril Lavigne), and that was true. It had nothing to do with any fake plan to move.

You see, Kristin and Brody are both seeing other people, and were putting on this whole charade for the show alone. Which is fine, except that it's billed as a reality show.

Brody pleaded with Kristin and asked her to not to leave, but she said that she really had to go far away to find herself. She even wiped a tear from his eye. Nauseating.

Then it was time for the most confusing ending to a series we've seen.

When Kristin drove off in her limo, the camera focused on Brody with the famous Hollywood sign in the background. It was only a painting, though, with cast and crew behind it.

This was revealed on air in a strange move leaving fans wondering just what it was supposed to mean. Did it signify the entire show was scripted and/or subject to interpretation?

It got worse, too. Kristin got out of the limo and hugged Brody, despite our belief that she was leaving the country with her heart broken by the lack of a relationship with him.

What a joke and a giant Eff You to fans who took it seriously ... not that anyone should have for the past several years now, but still. It's like they didn't even try. Good riddance.

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