Big Brother Review: Lies, Back Doors and Head Shavings

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"I went from a Meow Meow to a Penguin, man. I got no clothes, bro." - Enzo, to Britney

With all four members intact with only seven people left in the game, the Brigade alliance has been an undisputed success on Big Brother. Just the same, it started to fracture Sunday.

Now it looks like the diabolical super genius brains of the operation may be the casualty.

Matt Hoffman

Confident that everything has gone as he orchestrated it, Matt is ultimately being done in by his own overconfidence. Sure, Brendon winning Power of Veto and taking himself off the block was not a foregone conclusion, but tonight's votes look to be.

Hayden and Lane decided early that they needed to make a power move and get Britney to back door Matt. Britney points out that Matt is on her side and Brendon is not, but the latter made it a moot point by winning PoV. Then Matt sealed his own fate.

By attempting to throw Ragan under the bus, Matt revealed his true colors to Britney and basically made her decision for her. As luck would have it, the house also assumed he pocketed the prizes from the PoV competition and tanked it. He's toast!

Herein lies the problem with being a diabolical super genius and winning too many competitions. Matt has turned himself into a target from the standpoint of ... well, everyone remaining. Just a week after looking like the odds-on favorite, too. Amazing.

His downfall began when Brendon, Enzo, Britney, Matt, Lane and Hayden competed in the PoV competition, leaving Ragan as the outcast host. The game revolves around punishments the guests can choose and endure in order to win veto points.

They also can win prizes for giving up veto points.

The person with the most points at the end of the competition wins PoV, and it was obviously going to be Brendon, because say what you will about him, he is a competitor.

In a question of how much punishment can you take, his victory was all but assured. He needed it far more than Enzo and, frankly, is a much stronger player in the game.

As a result, he had to shave his head, bathe in chum once an hour for 24 hours, while handcuffed to Britney, and being a Have Not for the next three weeks. But he won.

Enzo gave away all his clothes for a penguin suit. Gotta try harder than that to win Veto, bro. But it does suit him well ... especially with the fedora and sunglasses indoors.

Hayden, meanwhile, nabbed a Hawaiian vacation and $5,000. No one knows this (the winners of the prizes are not revealed except to viewers), and assumes it was Matt. If he weren't a target anyway, no one would just assume that, but such is life.

With Brendon now off the block, delusional Matt starts campaigning against Ragan, which gets back to Ragan AND plays right into the Brigade's hand. Now they have even more of a reason for wanting to throw the backstabber out on the street.

Ragan, Brendon, Hayden and Lane vote tonight. Matt's going down 4-0 unless a surprising development takes place between now and then. It was a good run, Super Genius.

On a side note, Britney got the opportunity to open Pandora's Box and all she got was a lesson in weight training from Jessie Godderz while the rest of the house got a luau.

Talk about getting punked by the P-box hard core!

What did you think of last night's Big Brother? Did Matt get too cocky? Is the Brigade playing this right? Who will go home tonight on the Double Eviction episode?

Week 7 Power of Veto Review

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