Covert Affairs Review: "No Quarter"

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For the second time in the early existence of Covert Affairs, Annie was faced with a decision of whether or not to trust a foreign agent.

But while she gave this little thought in the episode "Walter's Walk" and the result was nearly tragic, she struggled with her take on Oded Fehr's Eyal. Finally giving their professional relationship a chance, this was a prime example of what Annie has learned in a short time on the job:

It's all about the mission. Even when she released Eyal from his handcuffs, she did so because he could help her complete her task, not because he sweet talked her in any way. That was the main lesson our favorite CIA spy took from "No Quarter."

Deep Undercover

While Annie was running for cover in Switzerland, Auggie was sitting in CIA headquarters, stewing in Langley.

We felt bad for him as he was questioned by one of his own, forced to defend himself against charges of being the leak, but at least this scene shed a bit more light on the character for viewers. He isn't completely satisfied with his desk job, though one has to wonder what kind of field agent a blind man would really make.

We also have to wonder who the actual leak is. The best guess would be Jai Wilcox, noticeably absent this week. But he seems almost too obvious.

On a related note: there was no Jai and there was none of Annie's sister on the episode. Can't say I really missed either one, which is a shame considering the potential any character played by Anne Dudek possesses.

Such an action-packed episode as this causes me to not give Ben a moment's thought. The show seems better off without that ongoing, dangling storyline, as it's developed a nice pace to it and already created a few interesting characters. Does anyone else out there hope we see more of Eyal before we hear more about Ben? The former and Annie have clear chemistry; while the latter and Annie feels like a forced angle the series tossed in to keep viewer interest in case self-contained episodes didn't do the trick.

But they have been so far for me. How about you?

No Quarter Review

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