Hung Review: "Fat Off My Love"

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Last night, I was at a get together with some classmates of mine and the topic of TV, specifically HBO, came up. 

One guy mentioned that he was enjoying Entourage this season, but Hung was pretty much worthless.  Honestly, I have yet to hear from anyone that they enjoy watching this show, and last night's episode, "Fat Off My Love," most likely did nothing to change that.

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There were two scenes worth watching this week.  The first was Ronnie making a fool of himself at the awards banquet.  This idea has been done over and over again on TV and in the movies, but it never gets less funny to watch someone look like a complete idiot when they're receiving an honor.

This part worked on two levels.  Not only was it the only humorous moment of the episode, but it moved along the only plot line of the series that I'm interested in.  If Ronnie finally making a complete ass of himself in front of all of those people is exactly what Jess needed to leave him for good, then I'm on board with it.

I'm not sure what made Ray so bad during their first time around, but it couldn't have been as terrible as this Ronnie dude.  By no means does swimming in a lake naked together mean that Ray and Jess are getting back together, but it certainly could.  Of course, this was the second scene worth watching. 

Compared to all of the other females on the show, it seems that Jess is so nice and always thinking of others.  It was great to see her just let loose and do what she wanted to do at that exact moment.  And that was to go swimming with her ex-husband, so good for her.

I said it before but if Jess and Ray do get back together, I think it could be a nice twist for the series.  Does Ray continue to work as a prostitute while with her?  He would have to now that he's lost his job, right?.  And then there would be the risk of her finding out and him ruining everything. The stakes would be higher, which could make things more interesting for the viewer

The rest of the episode was so uninteresting to me.  I am so tired of Tanya's shtick it is incredible.  If I see her get shocked and run away when someone comes into the room one more time, it will be one to many.  Oh and hitting horny Patty with the belt, and it seeming like everyone was afraid of her?  Ridiculous.  Sociopath or no sociopath, she's a little girl with an even smaller belt.  Grab it from her and tell her to sit down.  She'll be quiet.

We only have one episode remaining in the season.  What is Ray going to do about losing his job?  How is he going to make things good with his friend Mike?  Can Tanya get back in with Ray?  Where will Jess and Ray end up?  A lot of things are up in the air.

Fat Off My Love Review

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Lenore: I'm so glad we could hang out Patty. I called you so many times but you're always so busy.
Patty: I didn't even know you were trying to get a hold of me. I didn't get any messages.

Tanya: Are those your kids?
Charlie: So she says.