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This week on Hung...

- Lenore goes to the school to threaten Ray.  She wants her cut from the dealings with Francis.

- Tanya goes to Charlie for help with the Mike and Francis situation.

- Lenore has lunch with Horny Patty to tell her that Tanya is a sociopath.

- Ray and half the district get fired from teaching and Mike doesn't want anything to do with Ray after what happened with Francis. 

- Jess and Darby bond over double-deckers at Bob's Big Boy.  Darby gets Jess to admit that she "likes that she's fat."

- Ray goes to Tanya's work to confront her about about the Francis money.  Tanya takes the opportunity to tell Ray off and explain that she spent all of the money already.

- Ronnie finds out that Jess went to another doctor about her rash and gets very upset.  He blows up as he receives an award for selling botox.  Jess walks out on him at the ceremony.

- Tanya and Horny Patty have a huge fight at the office which ends with Tanya hitting Patty with her belt and screaming "I'm a mother fucking pimp!"

- Jess meets Ray on his dock for a late night swim.  Then they go in for the kiss.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Lenore: I'm so glad we could hang out Patty. I called you so many times but you're always so busy.
Patty: I didn't even know you were trying to get a hold of me. I didn't get any messages.

Tanya: Are those your kids?
Charlie: So she says.