Lie to Me Review: "Darkness and Light"

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What happens when the man who can always tell when someone tells a lie needs to tell a lie to help save a family? The answer was this week’s episode, "Darkness and Light," which showed that sometimes the right answer is not an honest one.

Let me start with the smaller story. Is anyone else confused with what the hell is going on with Ria and Eli? Lightman told them they are competing for a promotion, so they went drinking on the company dime and then hooked up? Don’t get me wrong, it was great to get see them let the walls down a little with each other, I just don’t follow the cause and effect there.

I do admire Eli for suggesting that neither of them take the promotion so they could continue exploring where they were going romantically.

Eli and Ria

I wish we had seen Lightman and Eli when he got the promotion. It felt anticlimactic happening off screen as it did. This does make me wonder if now that Eli is a VP if we will see him taking on roles closer to Gillian’s and less “grunt like."

I had mentioned previously that I thought he was being underutilized and should be stepped up or replaced; this is certainly heading in the right direction.

The main story tonight was Lightman and his team working to help a father find his missing daughter who has gotten mixed up in the pornography industry. I have no idea how realistic the portrayal we saw of the industry was. But I do have to give kudos to the writing staff for not “sleazing it up” or giving us the stereotypical images of the industry.

I think the writers did a decent job of keeping its presence secondary to the main story and not overwhelming the plot as the preview would have lead you to believe it was going to.

Week to week, Lie to Me shows the Lightman Group catching people in lies and finding out the truth, in many cases even when the truth was painful. It was a very interesting to see that Lightman does have a weakness in his “armor of truth” when it comes to being a father and more specifically Emily. Lightman told Emily flat out that he has never seen anything good come from lying, but in this case he hoped telling the lie was the correct thing to do. I hope so, too.

So if Lightman is willing to lie to save a family, this made me wonder how much of a lie should he tell? In this case, it was Molly’s sister who came up with the idea that it was Amy’s toys not Molly’s toys that caused her mom to trip. The lie is nearly identical to the truth, and given that only a few people know the truth, I imagine the story will hold together and things will go back to some form of normal over time for the family.

I will ask you the questions that I have been thinking about since watching the episode: Who would you lie for? What would be important enough to lie for? Would you be like Molly’s dad and lie to protect your kids? And finally, is it okay to tell a lie if the truth would only hurt or destroy someone?

Remember: no new episode next week. We wrap up this season on September 13.

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Darkness and Light Review

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