The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Up All Night"

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We’re under doctors orders to grow up.
- Ben

The love square continued to blossom this week on "Up All Night."  Amy is back and it’s all about her, Ricky, Ben, and Adrian.  While all four of them constantly argue about having feelings for their exes, it seems that perhaps things could finally be going in a distinct direction.

Amy and Ricky

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Ricky makes Amy a sandwich and she grills him a tad about what he’s been up to while she was gone.  He says if she wants to know if he had sex then she should just ask.  He’s just begging to get caught. 

Amy, in her new mature state, says that she wants to be exclusive, but if he’s not ready then they can just date and get to know each other. They have a sexy little countertop kiss and she asks him to stay over.

Meanwhile, next door, Adrian and Ben are having a late night rendezvous of their own.  Adrian says she’s not looking forward to Amy returning.  She also states that Amy will never know Ricky as well as she does.  Adrian and Ricky were both defensive of each other in this episode.  It leads me to believe that perhaps they’re not over each other at all.  Either way, Ben spends the night at Adrian’s and Ricky at Amy’s.

Back over at Amy’s, she asks Ricky more about what he’s been up to and he gets annoyed.  He is sometimes rude to her and I don’t like it.  However, when they mutually bicker, I want them to turn around and have an intense make out/make up session.  Ricky says he would never have sex with Ashley, little do they know but Ashley is outside the door listening.  Childish much?

Ricky and Anne have a throwdown when she tells him he shouldn’t be with Amy.  He tells her to examine her own relationship.  Zinger!  Elsewhere, Grace is asking Tom for Jack’s whereabouts.  It turns out Jack is at the Dairy Shack with Jesse talking about how he still has feelings for Grace.  Jesse is telling him how he can’t choose a college based on a girlfriend - finally someone with brains!!!

In the booth behind them, Grant is sitting with his mother.  She asks if he’s going to have sex with Grace in camp.  No sophomore in high school’s mother is that cavalier about their child sleeping around.  She told him to make sure he brought condoms because Grace has too many pregnant friends.  Unrealistic and uncomfortable.

Overall, a positive episode ending with Ricky asking Amy out on a date and Ben and Adrian having a sweet moment.

Up All Night Review

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