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On The Secret Life season finale...

- Ricky makes Amy some food after her red eye flight.

- Amy says she’s working on telling people how she feels.

- Ricky says if she wants to ask if he slept with someone to just come out with it but she doesn’t until later on.

- Amy admits she wants him as a boyfriend, he says maybe he’s not ready.

- She tells him that she knew once one of them showed interest, the other would freak.

- They have a sexy countertop kiss.

- Adrian asks Ben if he wants to stay over and that they can have sex sometime in the future.

- Ben comments the doctors don’t like him.

- Adrian says Amy’s never going to know Ricky the way she does, Ben seems annoyed since he is really making an effort with Adrian and his feelings for her are growing.  He leaves.

- Madison and Lauren are complaining about not being able to talk to their boyfriends.

- Grace asks Tom where Jack is.

- Jack and Jesse are at The Dairy Shack and Grant overhears their conversation where Jack says he still has feelings for Grace.

- Jesse tells Jack that people shouldn’t choose a college based on their significant others.

- Grant makes his presence known, then tells his mom he might have sex with Grace.

- His mom says to make sure he brings condoms because Grace has too many pregnant friends.

- Amy and Ricky are still awake, Amy is curious and Ricky is annoyed.

- Ashley is sitting outside the door and overhears Ricky say he would never sleep with Ashley.

 - Anne wakes up and tells Ricky he and Amy shouldn’t be together, Ricky tells her to look at her own relationship.

- Amy and Ricky talk some more, they fight about Ben and Adrian and all the usual things.

- Grace and Grant have a sleepover, Ben and Adrian have a sleepover.

- Ricky asks Amy out and they kiss some more.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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