Warehouse 13 Review: Eureka, It's a Crossover!

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Fans were treated to a crossover between Eureka and Warehouse 13 on this week's episode of the latter, titled "13.1."

I was a bit concerned when I first saw Fargo working on the computer system that this installment had been written before he was in charge of GD and it was going to cause a strange hole in the story when Claudia goes to visit Eureka at the end of the week.

However, my mind was put at ease when Fargo not only mentioned that he was running GD but mentioned his Girlfriend was “no more” in reference to the fact they had never met in this timeline.

While I am super happy that Claudia finally figured out how to be a normal girl around Todd, I am really sad that Todd dumped Claudia simply because she got tangled up at work. I had really hoped him suddenly appearing in the town was going to be more integral to the larger storyline or maybe he had some interesting back story that we would learn along the way.

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I suppose this could still happen, but given how quickly and “normally” he broke up with Claudia, I suspect he was written in more as a filler romantic interest than a long term one.

Further, I am guessing that the breakup is part of why Claudia goes to Eureka to see Fargo and maybe they will start a long-distance cross-show romance, which could be a lot of fun for future visits to each other.

While we are discussing Claudia and Fargo, does anyone know what was in the crate they hid in that Claudia would not even let Fargo say the name out loud? I re-watched the scene about three times and I could not pick out anything specific from the moan or the glow that would give me a hint as to what was in there. Usually the show is good about giving little hooks to figure it out. Not this time. I am stumped.

I liked the character of Hugo Miller, all three versions, the sane one from the end, the crazy one in the middle and Hugo the artificial one.  All three were masterfully played by Rene Auberjonois, who spent many years playing Odo on Deepspace Nine. His comedic timing is sharp as ever, as he had me laughing so hard when Myka and Pete first walked in and he looked up and stuck his tongue out.

Overall, it was a good episode with a great range of emotions from the happy that Hugo was whole again to the sad that Claudia got dumped. I really hope that we get to see more of H.G. Wells soon as that story seems to be getting left farther and farther behind.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Todd should give Claudia a second chance? Do you think Claudia and Fargo are a good match for each other? Consider these questions as you sort through Warehouse 13 quotes from the hour.

13.1 Review

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Artie: Listen Bismarck, until you came in things were fine.
Fargo: That's Fargo.

Myka: Do you know every former warehouse agent we know is either crazy, evil, or dead?
Pete: Or all three.