White Collar Review: "By the Book"

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White Collar took a rather fun route this week, by showing a romantic interest for Mozzie. Who knew Stanley wasn't homosexual? I for one, found it rather sweet that Mozzie has such a huge crush on his waitress, Gina. The way he acted around her - wanting to be her knight in shining armor - kind of had me smiling throughout the night.

"By the Book" was a very Nancy Drew type of episode. It felt like we were chasing the most ridiculous clues possible that made me feel almost a little dumb at times. Especially the one that Mozzie spoke out loud and Neal was able to put together it was the "perfect exchange".

By the Book Scene

But, it was pretty cool watching Neal and Peter piece together a bunch of home videos that showed Gina's boyfriend drop a phone into the trash can. Everything ran very smooth and I felt like I was apart of the gang going along for the action filled ride.

One of my favorite parts of the episode had to be Mozzie and Neal breaking into Gina's house searching for clues. Who knew you could use a computer toner to dust for finger prints? Very cool!

Another side point, who knew Mozzie had such Ninja skills? The way he was able to disarm the man was a really cool move! I say, if he wasn't such a wuss when it came to being around so many Feds, he should consider a new job under the Man...which does bring up an interesting question: What exactly does Mozzie do for a living?

Elizabeth made her five second on screen cameo again this week. I was happy about that. She's become almost a mascot for this show when I discuss it with my friends. I always love bringing up that she "stars" in it (even if her part has yet to this date been able to hold any self footing).

No new news on the music box this week, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Mozzie a bit more. Obviously, he has a life outside of Neal and it was great to get even just a glimpse into it. I really wish Gina didn't decide to move away at the end though - what a fun storyline their relationship could have been.

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Neal: Moz, you okay?
Mozzie: Middle man.
Neal: You might want to rename the "perfect exchange". | permalink
Navarro: Who the hell are you? Search him.
Mozzie: I work for Tommy. I'm his intermediary. Hands! | permalink
Neal: Rain man, let's go. You're okay. | permalink
Peter: Where's the little guy?
Mozzie: Suit, I must say, you're timing is impeccable. | permalink
Peter: Mozzie has a crush?
Elizabeth: It happens. | permalink

By the Book Review

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