Bones Spoilers: A Change of Heart For Brennan

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Is Brennan having a change of heart about Booth?

The season premiere promo and photos we've posted hint at serious tension between the two, but what are Brennan and Booth really thinking as season six gets underway?

“What happened at the [end of last season] was that we saw Booth move on and not have any regrets,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells Entertainment Weekly.


“He did his best. He professed his love and when she couldn’t reciprocate he realized at that point this is crazy, I have to be happy. I have to try to make a life for myself."

"And he’s moved on. Now Brennan - who felt very secure in her decision last year - has had seven months alone to think about this. And we think that she’s come back reevaluating her situation and the choice she made with Booth. Brennan is seeing things differently."

Hmm ... Does that mean this is finally the year?

"She seemed to have one take for five years and the time away makes her reevaluate what she wants from life and perhaps a relationship with Booth," Nathan continues.

"I don’t think this is something that she has an easy time admitting, and perhaps it hasn’t even bubbled up from her subconscious yet, but it’s something that’s real.”

Okay, they've gotta get together soon, right?

In rate Bones news that doesn't involve Booth and Brennan, EW's spoiler Q&A also contains new teasers about Angela and Hodgins. Will it be smooth sailing for them?

“I don’t believe that,” says Michaela Conlin, (Angela), hinting that “something happened” during the seven-month flash forward between them that “will come up” later.

Any theories on what that might entail?

Finally, Daisy and Sweets will “reconnect” in the season premiere September 23, but “their relationship is different,” notes Nathan. “Sweets has become a free man in his seven months without Daisy and isn’t initially willing to give that up.”

That's a lot to digest! Sound off on all this Bones gossip below!

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