Hellcats Review: Drinking, Vomiting and Dancing

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Hell to the yes! - Savannah

Once again, Ashley Tisdale shined in her role as Savannah on the latest episode of Hellcats. She was the most enjoyable aspect of "Beale St. After Dark," delivering the only laughs that came out of the hour.

Drunk Savannah is a great time, especially when she proudly yelled the above quote in the middle of the bar. Her scene with Dan after he is released from jail gave her the opportunity to plant an awkward kiss and throw up in front of him, both within a minute. Tisdale couldn’t be more right for this part and it is the perfect role for her to distance herself from her High School Musical character.

Both in Cuffs

The adult love triangle continued and failed to gain my interest again. I understand that Vanessa, Derrick, and Red are important characters, but I just can't get myself invested in their storyline. I have a hard time believing that someone as level-headed and smart as Vanessa would have ever been interested in anyone as arrogant as Red. Hopefully, this picks up soon.

Gale Harold premiered tonight as Marti’s law professor. He hardly looks old enough to be an established lawyer or a college professor. I also don’t think that a professor would go help a new student get her friends out of jail in the middle of the night. A little far fetched, but at least we got to see Julian do some lawyer speak.

Although it is nice to see Marti in class and I understand the real reason why she is cheering, I would much rather watch her interact with the Hellcats and hang in bars than do school work. We also met her classmate Morgan, who seems to be pretty focused and competitive. If they are going to follow Marti through the classroom, let’s hope for some showdowns between these two.

Line Dancing

I am hoping that the relationship between Savannah and Dan plays out for a while. These two have good chemistry and I think we could get some laughs from the pairing. The tension also continued to build between Marti and Lewis while they were dancing. I have to say I am now rooting for anything Lewis related. We finally found out a little bit about him, and I am curious to find out more - especially about why he quit football.

The scene that really threw me off was the break dancers. Why were they even dancing outside in the street when there was a bar right there? Although this scene showcased a lot of talent, I really don’t think it needed to be in the episode at all. I would much rather have watched the Hellcats practice some routines in the gym.

Although tonight’s episode wasn’t as good as last week's, it still kept me cheering for the Hellcats. What did you think?

Beale St. After Dark Review

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You are a good guy Dan Patch. A good guy who has made some bad decisions about his hair, but still a good guy.

Lewis [to Dan]

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