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On this episode...

Savannah preps for her date with Dan while telling Marti how nervous she is. She explains that she hasn't been on a real date, most of her dates were group outings organized by her church. Marti tells her that she is surprised that Dan picked Savannah, he’s usually a player and doesn't go for relationship type girls - which is what Savannah is. This totally freaks Savannah out, causing Marti and half of the squad to tag along on her date with Dan.

The Hellcats are facing some issues after Lancer pulls their funding for regionals because of the woman’s volleyball team. They have two options - go step by step through each competition or submit a video bid to the national organization and get funding from them. Marti asks why they haven’t already submitted a video and Alice explains it is because Marti is to inexperienced. Alice is determined to get back to her spot on the squad and seeks out the quarterback of the football team to get pills that will help with her injury.

On the school front, Marti deals with a new professor, Julian Parish. He is putting together a team to help him with a case he is working and encourages his students to sign up. He tells Marti not to waste her time because he needs a student who is focused, not just a cheerleader. She asks for a chance and in return, he assigns her a private assignment about an imaginary case. Once Marti realizes, she works with a classmate named Morgan to come up with their response to the assignment. Doing so earns both her and Morgan a spot with Professor Parish’s team.

The girls, along with Lewis and some others, meet Dan at the bar for his date with Savannah. Things get off to an awkward start, so Lewis orders some drinks for Savannah to help herl loosen up. Savannah ends up getting drunk so they decide to leave the bar. The gang sees some break dancers Marti knows outside. They are all having a good time until Lewis sees Alice with the quarterback buying pills. He follows them into another bar and ends up getting into a fight.

Dan comes to Lewis’ side and gets involved, causing the both of them to get arrested. Fearing that Lewis will lose his scholarship and knowing that Dan can’t afford the legal fines, Marti and Savannah show up at Professor Parish’s doorstep for help. He goes down to the sheriff’s office and gets the guys out of jail. Savannah thanks Dan for coming to her rescue and apologizes for him getting arrested. She then kisses him and follows that with some throwing up.

The love triangle continues between the adults on the show - Vanessa, Derrick, & Red. Vanessa finally owns up to her past with Red, telling Derrick how the affair unfolded and that it ended after a year when Vanessa finally met Red’s wife, Emily. We find out that Red was forced to resign because he was a faculty member having an affair with a student. This has made Vanessa feel guilty, thinking she has ruined Red’s life. This causes a slight issue between Vanessa & Derrick, but they work it out by the end of the hour.

At the end of the episode, Lewis confronts Alice about using the pills. He tells her that although they are not together anymore, he doesn't want bad things to happen to her. After Lewis leaves, we see Alice down another pill.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You are a good guy Dan Patch. A good guy who has made some bad decisions about his hair, but still a good guy.

Lewis [to Dan]

Manage your expectations.