Jersey Shore Review: "All in the Family"

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Jersey Shore's special, pre-MTV Video Music Awards Sunday episode was another memorable installment ... for better or worse. This show is becoming as creepy as it is funny.

We know this is all one big dysfunctional, incestuous family. That's nothing new. But the cast members are taking it to a whole new level in recent weeks with the smushing.

Front row seats for a slam session? Really?

All in the Family

There were no blows exchanged last night. Just bodily fluids.

A major highlight of last night's episode, "All in the Family," was the arrival of Vinny's family from New York. Specifically, his partially crazy Uncle Nino, an OG (Original Guido).

Memorable Jersey Shore quotes abound, even if you can't understand what the guy's saying (a fact Vinny acknowledged). Meanwhile, Pauly D and The Situation were DTF.

What else is new?

The big drama of the episode was the fallout from Angelina and Vinny smushing. The Situation threatened to tell Jose about it, but Angelina lucked out due to a miscommunication.

Jose thinks "hooking up" means kissing. Maybe it does in his mind, but that's not what happened. In any event, Angelina's got game, as Ronnie pointed out. Hey, he's consistent!

While The Situation was as sleazy as ever, Pauly D and Vinny decided to wine and dine some nice girls, the type that deserve to be wifed up, rather than just smashed. Holla.

Sadly for Vinny, he got stood up. It was actually kind of sad. Hopefully he'll rebound and find someone who's DTF at least. Shouldn't be hard for this crew.

Some of last night's top lines ...

The Situation: Happy birthday, I f---ed my roommate! | permalink
Pauly D: Uncle Nino is an O.G.: An original guido. | permalink
Vinny: My uncle Nino doesn't have the highest standards in the world. So these girls are looking like supermodels to him right now. | permalink
The Situation: So, we have two girls on the burner. We can get the original chicks, which are DTF, or we can get the blond ones.
Pauly D: Ask them if they're DTF though. Don't waste no time today. It's Saturday. | permalink
Ronnie: Angelina smushed Vinny the other night. She's all over Jose tonight. She got game. Can't hate. | permalink
The Situation: My chick has got my sweatpants on. Pauly D's chick's got his sweatpants on. We're about to get our smash on. | permalink
The Situation: I got front-row seats for a slam session. | permalink
Jose: I'm not gonna respect you telling me now, and tomorrow you're kissing somebody else.
Angelina: [to camera] Some people think hooking up means kissing. Some people think hooking up means having sex. If he's gonna think that I just kissed Vinny, then we don't gotta go ahead and tell him any more. | permalink
The Situation: Angelina is the Staten Island Ferry: everybody gets a ride, and it's free. | permalink
Snooki: [on Angelina] Obviously, she's a loosey-goose, because she got it in. | permalink
Vinny: If someone hands you a Bentley, you're just gonna keep driving. | permalink
Pauly D: Vinny is gonna take the girl he's in love with. I'm gonna take the girl I'm in love with. You can come, too. | permalink

All in the Family Review

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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Vinny is gonna take the girl he's in love with. I'm gonna take the girl I'm in love with. You can come, too.

Pauly D

If someone hands you a Bentley, you're just gonna keep driving.